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Anybody use Comfrey?

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I am thinking to try out comfrey, if you have used it before when premixing your soil, how was the results?


The only thing putting me off is the prices, but maybe there is an alternative way to get it cheaper? - Like buying Alfalfa pellets from a horse feed shop.


Also a question - Do we use the leaf content, or root content? I can see that some places sell Root Powder, and others Leaf Powder.



On ebay its around $20 for 250g.

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Yep, for the last 20 years.

I grow them myself and fill up 60 liter buckets with it.

Then i put in a stone (as weight on the leaves) and fill with rainwater.

The cover on it and so it stays for 2 to 3 weeks. Yes, then it stinks like hell.


I filter this juice and dillute 1/10. The filtering is important cause the wild comfrey seeds like hell. (not the bocking, wich is the russian one, that one does not seed, 99,99% of the times)

This is given to ALL plants that make flowers or fruits.

It is one of the most power K nutrients you can find in nature. It is magic.

Mix it with some spoons of ancient rockdust or some lava dust and it becomes really magic.


These plants can be found in wild nature very easy. Take one root and it will spread - dominate your garden.

Harvests around 3 times a season.


Medicinal i make gel from it for muscle and joint pains. Gel that i put on a clothing and wrap around the pain area.


Good luck guys. Felecitations for your way of thinking. It's smart!

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