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Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer - NAW Seeds

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I recently had a Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer Freebee run that got chopped at the 18th of July 2017 after about 11 Weeks.

I grew them bio organic in a square meter tent under 400W HPS.


After harvesting and spending four days in brown paper bags they then went into jars to start the curing process.


This morning I started sampling the different Phenos for the first time after a three and a half weeks cure.

My preferred method of consuming is Vaporizing.


This will be a lengthy smoke report so I suggest you get a coffee / tea and roll one.


First of all I'd like to thank the NAW guys for providing the genetics that made this smoke report possible.

The Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer is already a great "smoke" after just three weeks of curing and I really can't wait to see how it will be in six months. These are hands down the best Freebees I had in over twelve years of growing.




First sample comes from the fastest flowering Pheno.

Putting your nose into the jar you get immediately hit by a heavy fuel smell with a berry undertone.

Pistils are dark in color and the nugs dense and shiny.Trichomes are mostly milky with about 20% amber.


While Vaping the fuel smell does not convert into an unpleasant taste, ground up the berry smell comes into the foreground and also is the dominant taste in the thick white vape you get from vaping it.


I dose with about 0.2 grams to get a feeling for new strains and because that's usually the single dosage I do for medical purpose.

At that kind of dosage I got a nice and relaxing head high that reached its peak after about half an hour. No heaviness in the body just a good amount of relaxation in the shoulder and neck muscles.


I was able to function perfectly fine and did laundry and dish washing. I am not doing a lot of partying anymore but this is definitely what I would bring to have a great time with good friends on a night out.


Rating strains in numbers is always something i disliked so I'll not give it any XX / XX rating. This strains different phenotypes have so much to offer and differ so much that all I can say is Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer is a must grow if you enjoy a great Sativa Smoke with a broad variety of keeper phenos and I hope the NAW guys will sell this at some point so everyone can make their own experiences with it.




Sample Number two. I call her the bitch.

Because hell this girl wanted to get murdered by me so bad.


First she ate twice the nutrients of her sisters and was completely fine, but then decided that she'd rather not get fat but all leafy and laugh at me by showing some signs of nutrient burn and yellow leafing all of a sudden.


She was pure hell to harvest and manicure.


But it was well worth it. She's very piney, like one of those tree shaped car refresheners piney.

She's not the most beautiful but she packs a hell of a punch.


After fifteen minutes onset I got a very "trippy" high. I went outside to sit on a park bench and enjoyed nature.

Everything was a bit brighter and the wind felled very good on the skin. I do not meditate but I think this pheno is great to just lie down or sit somewhere and think about stuff and enjoy all the small details around you.


The pine smell converts into very strong pine taste. So I am sure if you smoke this ppl around you will ask you about it.

This also puts my girlfriend in a place far away as she was laying on the bed playing with a pink ball of yarn like a cat. When I came back she was still playing with it which made for some good laughter on both sides when she realized she was doing it for over an hour and forgot about the time.


Having experiences like this you share with other ppl is one of the reasons I started smoking weed back in my youth. Good times, i was not expecting much after harvesting that pheno but got a very pleasant surprise.




Next up is the Mutant.

I have seriously no idea what happened there.

This lady grew like a Indica dominant hybrid, which based on its lineage is something I have never seen before in some almost 100% sativa back crosses.


Super dense nugs, nose into Jar says spicy, hint of mustard and honey.

It reminds me a lot of the old school Skunk Afghani. Luckily i made a few clones so I'll probably try to make some seeds in the next run to see where this is going. Could be an interesting journey.


Vaping it I felt really heavy full body relaxation. Not completely couch locked but it was simply too comfortable and warm to get up and do something else. Watched a movie on TV on it then just napped away. Woke up fresh and relaxed and still a bit high which faded after I had a coffee.


The spicy sweet mustard is also what comes into the foreground taste wise vaping it.

I'll keep this for when i need a good night of sleep or are sick this winter but this would not become my everyday smoke simply because it's too strong for me.




Sample number four.

Lots of Trichomes, very Sativa dominant.


Nose into jar says ripe Bananas with a hint of pine.

Very pleasant smell, very pleasant smoke. Ground up the ripe banana smell is dominant while vaping it mixes nicely with the pine taste.


Not as trippy as the second sample but a lot stronger head high than sample one.

Makes your thoughts race through your mind, had to go out for a run on this. I am sure most of you know this "Hyper focus" effect, where you smoke / vape and then you seem to get some kind of hawk eye vision and you can focus really well on one thing and see things super sharp but it's hard to focus on multiple things at the same time. I like it, its a bit less relaxing and more energetic than pheno one.


This is good to work out on but less to relax so it will most likely sit for a while in the shelf and only get it out before I go to the gym / for a run.


Girlfriend liked this a lot more than the other samples, that's why I don't like giving strains a number rating. What was a clear 10/10 for her was ok for me. I mean this is still a thousand times better than what you can get on the street and in most coffee shops but over the years I got a bit picky. Bonus picture because I really like the looks of this cured.




Ok and last but not least.




Sample number five.

Very nice hybrid. Has the typical Amnesia Haze taste and smell. I think I don't need to describe that.

If you ever had some of Somas Amnesia Haze this looks and smells the same. If not, grow some. It's well worth the time and money.


It's a great strain and a long standing NL staple smoke. This is from a freaking freebee, keep that in mind.

A Freebee.I am still sampling this right now and love it. Hmm so good.


It's not as strong as I'd like it to be but that is because I had to go away for an emergency and cut them a few days early.

This has a good amount of transparent trichomes and giving it a week or two extra would have made it probably as strong and tasty as my own Amnesia Haze Mother I have selected over the years.


I am very well medicated now and hope you guys enjoyed your tea / coffee and reading this smoke report.


Much love to my fellow Opengrowers.




Your GrowBro.

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awesome smoke report!!!! and awesome feno's you have...


we are now flowering our "Jack Hammer" MOM to smoke some true sativa instead of those indica hybrids

she gives a great motivational HIGH but she is strong so a few tokes to many and your mind will drift away




Greetz PolderGrower & RhinoCBD

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Indeed a super detailed smoke report on one of our loved freebees.


Jack Hammer was given to me by Knutsel almost a decade ago, she is such a powerhouse.


Both are elite in this cross, that's what makes it so damn good if you like sativa's.


Excellent work on the phenotype discription, they are all worth wild.


Just enjoy!


Poldergrower and RhinoCbd


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Verrrry nice report! Number 4 sounds absolutly amazing to me, ripe bananas with hyper focus!


Verry detailed and well written!

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Outstanding smoke report and I thank you.


Knutsell is a great breeder. I have enjoyed a good amount of his workings and I have great respect for him.

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Jep, great report! That was a ice read for sure and I'm with ozzoes, ripe bananas and hyper focus is something I'd love to smell/taste and ride on :D



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