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one of my sugar punch seems to auto flower?

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If you read my previous thread I had to leave some plants in the corner of the room without direct light, there is however a 600w light in the same room over some other plants.


I hav noticed on one of the plants in the corner of the room (but closest to the indirect light) that all the sites where new shoots come from seem to be showing what looks like early buds growth.


I am doubting that this plant has gone into flower mode, but what else could it be?


Could this be a sign it went hermie? Or a sign it's a male plant?


It also does not make sense as in the bunch without direct light this plant gets the most and the plants even further away have not done this.


I am wondering should I get rid of this sugar punch plant?

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can you show a pic

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Hi ds

One time I kept my ladies in a 1/2 gal pot for a long time and she was on 18 /6 for 9 weeks I had no room in the flowering tent and all of my ladies showed buds and I was told that the small containers for a long time will do just that

And the buds were hard and funny looking as well

And the plants stayed small as well

If I remember I read here some where


Good luck

Pics would help


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