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USC Turkish Landrace smoke report

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Turkish Landrace smoke report


These are from USC, they were grown outdoors without added fertilizer. They finished big and fast. No issues with mold, weather, pests, nute deficiencies, nothing..


Appearance: Dark, airy looking buds, various sizes. Big but not dense, very leafy and looks plain and ordinary.


Smell: Very little door, slightly floral but it has become faint.


Taste: All plants share a dark, flat earthy taste. It immediately reminds me of Greek cigarettes. The experience is strangely similar to smoking dark tobacco, there's a certain generic quality to it. I have two phenos, one tastes a bit like wood glue but still palatable. The other is closer to bubblegum but without the sweet bottom, its more like a powdery bubblegum.


Effect: Its a strong Indica. There's no narcotic buzz but it has a stone. Its different, totally natural, it has a relaxing effect but it doesn't have to get you high to do it. If I have few puffs it feels a lot like smoking a cigarette, it brings you down and levels off and then its satisfying without any sickly feeling. You can feel the effects right into the bone but without the body buzz and it doesn't mess with my head. Finishing a joint makes me just want to roll over and sleep.


Overall: A great strain, very natural, there's no desire to smoke my brains out. This actually works exceptionally well at inducing sleep. An excellent medicinal Indica.

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Thanks for the smoke report, gimme!


Sounds like a good sleep aid and something I'd make oil with, how's the head in the morning after smokin it? Does it give a numb or cloudy feeling or is it like u smoked nothing the evening before?





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Thank you for your time to report on this strain.

I just happen to have a pair of these going in veg now.


Did you happen to loupe these? Just wondering if the trics were more all cloudy with a few ambers showing in the eye piece?

OR, lots of amber's showing?


One of my plants will be worked into tinctures, one will be for bud to smoke. Or I'll blend them.

I did not get these thinking it was going to be devastating killer kine, but had a hunch the meddy value would be strong in it.

Thank you again!!

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Lots of similar effects but the stone kind of registers differently. There's no feeling of smoking to get baked. Its like it was bred more for smoking than getting stoned. The effect is always the same, sedation followed by sleep, nothing messes with my head. There's no buzzing or actively enjoying it and wanting to watch a movie or play video games. Last night, I found myself binge watching TV with friends. After the first season I rolled up 3 of these in a row and sure enough, that killed the evening. No one mentioned feeling high, baked or stoned. Everyone just got tired and felt not up to it anymore. I went home and had an awesome sleep.

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