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Red 660nm blue 435nm ?

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Hello,I can read than Red 660nm and blue 435nm are very useful for Cannabis plant growing.

What's do you think about use Mix off 3500K,660nm,435nm ?

Some members use only Red and blue what's do you think is better ?

Thanks for your help.

Have good vibes friendly Olsqueak.


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[slightly different question from PM]

Hello again, olsqueak.

Yes, the 660nm and 435nm are the most useful, that is what my Lumigrows have (plus a few white LEDs but these just help when looking at the plants, I think).


It is not worth bothering with these individual colors. You could, and have fun doing it, and grow good plants, but I'd stick with white 3000K to 4000K COBs (or Samsung strips) for everything. I bought some 660nm stars for supplemental but decided not to use them.


Those are not the only important parts of the spectrum, though. The far red at 740nm is important for budding. Some people use 740 for supplemental. That would be a more interesting addition to COBs than 660nm. They are put on timers to simulate sunset. You could search at rollitup.org for details (but it is a really rude site).


The 660nm part is covered especially well by 90CRI 3000K COBs.



Samsung is white diodes: https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/products/hlg-550 It has the heat spread out more than a COB, that is the big advantage I think.


Reptile fluorescent lights are the best source of UV, I guess. I read UV LED isn't worth it.


The 3500K will have enough 435nm.

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