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Tinctures with a little added umph

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I was just re-visiting this thread. Garden caught my eye earlier with the post about her CBD tinctures. Now I want to start learning to make it. This is a great thread. DukeA#1 and his story with his mom is inspirational. A friend sent me some killer CBD feminized seeds and I have the Perkin's Cut from Shoeless, so it is time.

There's some funny shit in this thread, lol. I just now noticed that DukeA#1 overdosed the dog on butter... the look on it's face is much funnier now... I feel bad for them, too. But that does explain the look. 

Hey Garden, if you ever get bored maybe you could suggest any tools for doing the tincture/oils. Things that are almost essential and most important. I sort of know I guess, but maybe you'll list something I'm not thinking of yet. I have learned with the oil, it's best to have everything you need when you start. And everything has to work well.

I'm going to drop a few of both CBD strains I have, tonight. Oil in a few months. :) 

Thanks for keeping on top of us Garden! It's really cool to come back and re-read DukeA#1's story. So cool. 

Hope all is well, Duke, if you still check in. 


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