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The Art of Breeding

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A post in order to thank Sannie for his awsome work, running the shop, while doing a great job breeding exotic strains. I tried his stuff and got stuck here. The price/quality ratio goes beyond the usual ordinary breeders, as I can tell due to my recent selections. One of my long-term classics is Killing Fields. Unfortunately the name is not very well chosen, but the genetics even more so.

Thank you Sannie I love it!!! Enjoy the impressions...














Generally KF makes me stoned yet high. You are light and move without much trouble but your head is a bit foggy trippy. I love going out on it or for social ocassions with friends.


Just recently when a friend came over to take the pictures I rolled a joint during the break. We shared it among for people. Then I went to the groceries store to get some beers. Coming back just 2 minutes later I found one friend in the hall way giggling. Looking at me he asked, still giggling, "what did you gave us?" My flatmate was with the photographer looking at the purple buds and exploring their beauty almost like she was on acid. My friend the photographer had quite some trouble focusing in on the pictures and caught herself just getting lost in the details while zooming in on her camera. Killing Fields for me became a classic in my collection and I think Sannie created quite a delicacy speaking effect, taste and appeal wise. My friend the photographer also said at the end that this weed is art, she was really impressed with the overall qualities of this kind.

Killing Fields F6 is ordered!!!

Thank you Sannie!!!!!

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Thanks !

Killing fields is indeed a strain for the connoisseur, stoners that have experience can appreciate this special strain. I am a hobby photographer myself and also think she is one of the best strains to take pictures and make pictures :j


Enjoy smoking the rest


greetz sannie

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Those are really great pics, thank you for sharing them! Killing Fields is definitely on my bucket list, as it was one of the first strains that hooked me on the site. But, then my first order was Sannie's Jack, KO Kush, and Chucky's Bride, and haven't gotten back to it since, lol. And that was five years ago!


I'm run Silver fields about 4 times, which is half KF, but the buds don't look that nice. Stupid strong smoke, though, probably the strongest thing in my stable.

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Wow I'm actually salivating!! Was between KF and Selene this order for me. Wish I got both now! Great pics brah, love the deep purple colour.

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