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What LED grow light you use

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On 9/20/2019 at 2:24 PM, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

ok, so you use a 5 gal 4 ft high in the tent... that 5gal bucket has 2 separate feeding lines 1 for each row of plants. so how do you drain are you pots raised. i'm thinking i can do the same in a run to waste and just siphon up any standing water. once i get the coco gro style dialed in by had watering i can slowly add blamauts to automate. i don't really have to be away from them but less work with good results is more agreeable lol. your thoughts please and thank you. :grinning_respect:

Here is how I have it set up. 



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Currently we use 5x SANlight S2W on 1m² (310W). In combination with Light Mix, HeSi and seedlings we managed to establish an average yield of about 0,8-0.9g/W.
- With a better fertilizer and selected cuttings one could easily be way over 1,0g/W. In a hydro setup and and selected cuttings 1,5g/W should be no problem.

We will change to a 1,44m² with 2x Q6W SANlights (430W) soon and in combination with the complete Mills fertilizer series plus our selected Channel+ mothers cuttings (called #9 - 40g/pp in above setup) expect a solid 1.2g-1.5g/W harvest.

SANlight fanboy here. I will never go back to HPS!

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