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Amazing shots there, @neogitus

SDH was grown outdoors so I don't know really how long. I don't do very well with timing them when they're outdoors,,, they just do their thing. Aromas of zesty lemon and floral fuel

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Thanks. And that smell description sounds dank :icecream:


The blavender glue is a pretty nice mix of kushy/chem type smells with a mild blueberry candy type smell in the back. I'm worried about botrytis because the buds are massive but I have high hopes and I'm hoping these are done at week 11 or 12 I'm getting impatient :P 

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Hey San, can you give up any info (non threating of course) on the Hyp3rids group. I'm salivating over each of their offerings. 

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that's not a group (afaik?) ...
chewie is a friend of mine since the old seedheaven-board days :)
we have swapped stuff since years.
f.e. the lemon thai in his original sawa-seedline came from my LT-IX derg corra-seedline
and the MACF2#6 and jäger punch-clones that i greatly enjoy were selected by him ect.

i highly recommend his gear to everyone looking for seeds made with an honest heart.

you can find him and most other seedmakers from SH over at seedshare.club.
i am not sure if the place is still "invite only" or if they opened the board for everyone.
in case it's still restricted, then hit me up via pm ... i can try to get people in.

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Hey San, I did see you mentioned on their website, and that was why I sent my query your way. 

I just got to gawking about at SH, and did not recognize the handle. Hell I swore off bean buying as I got enough to work now. But sometimes you run into the unexpected, or the unusual, rare to see both boxes ticked. It took me 3 days to pick 2 of them. I was trying to sell off a couple of items to buy his line on SH, then I went to his site, and realized I need to sell something  way way more substantial to have all of his offerings!! LOL! 

I had to try the SAWA Natty and SAWA IBL, but every offering is so unique to warped wee mind anyway.

Thanks for your time San.

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copy and paste from og


Didn’t do the blavender glue justice but I like the smell of all of them and the high is pretty nice too. I had a couple bananas on a lot of my plants this grow likely due to heat +water stress and possibly a few other things but I liked all of these plants more than I thought I would. They’re pretty ugly but they all smell pretty nice. Another fun strain from san fucked up by me :stuck_out_tongue:

Blavender glue 1. What I can only describe as “spicy thai” (bunch of shit mixed together, bit of wood,bit of dark berry, bit of licorice maybe a few other things) blueberry and a bit of fuel.



B;avender glue 2. This one is the hardest to describe. Spicy, savoury (bouillon??), garlic/ onion like, sotolon, slight fuel




Blavender glue 3. Spicy, berry, very heavy fuel




Blavender glue 4
nice blueberry smell, very slightly minty, bit of gas.



Blavender glue 5
similar to number 2 but with more gas.


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looks amazing, man ...
hope you enjoyed the smoke.
next pigeon is on the way ;)

i have added the
"mac daddy" and "alchemy"-lines.
let's hope they play nice for you.

best vibes,

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