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What do you need to grow - this should help everyone

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I am starting my own grow and would like others to add if needed.




Exhaust fan

Intake fan


Hanging equipment

Light timer

Temperature gauge




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Water! ;)


Tbh, intake fan is not so necessary, i prefer passive intake and i always place a piece of filter on the inlet duct, to prevent dust, pests and some spores entering the tent. I use the fleece filter for kitchen cooking fans. After each flower cycle i change it and it and wonder how much dirt it kept out. A must try!



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A carbon filter would help


Iam using 5 gallon fabric bags


Rapid rooters also


Small pots or solo cups


I also agree with @ balarama


I use a small filter from a furnace and tapped it in front of my intake it gets nasty


I just looked at it today it needs changing at least 2x a grow

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My two cents, ODOR CONTROL!!! I learned the hard way, believe me.


When it comes to cannabis odor, DO EVERYTHING (except ozone generators!). Weather seal your room, caulk all sheetrock seams, seal your doors, make it water and air tight. Then, get the best carbon filter you can afford, and change it every 12 months. Finally, ONA gel or blocks. I use their Fresh Linen Gallon Gel with their Breeze fan, and have a block in every room of my house. Smells strong at first, but eventually goes away, and works extremely well. I also make sure some is close to all entrances.


Of all the things you DON'T want to skimp on, odor is numero uno. Odor is the number one reason people get busted.


Here endeth the hard learned lesson!

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I always keep Epson salts to hand incase of magnesium deficiencies, but I'm in hydro so a good soil and nutes you might be ok

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What do you need to grow?


M'well, some planning that includes on-line resources such as SunCalc, considering i'd want to home-grow under the sun, if i did - which ain't happening anytime soon in the foreseable future (my location = Québec/Can). Then a goal, like the evaluation of 2:1 THC:CBD autofem hybrids, for example:




Leafly: How to Help Consumers Understand the Amount of THC and CBD in Their Cannabis (2017-Nov-29)




In other words i'd have to decide what genetic to choose, though rest assured no GMO nor pesticides, nor P210 and whatnot are ever going to be on the menu anyway...


Good day, have fun!! :wave:

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