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well. i'm really not going full organic anytime soon or maybe never. I'm just finding a way to maintain moms and flower them out occasionally. plants will be grown out in coco coir W/coco ferts CNS-17. my mother medium was chosen to grow at slow-medium rate and keep them green and healthy.  the cuts will take off in coco under real lights

i listed the quano because i could foliar feed. that idea appealed for the sole purpose of making cuts.  Yet, as i thought about the vermi ratios and me stop using the alaska grow; they would bounce back better on that vermi formula imho. I'll never be taking more than 4-6 cuts off a mom anyway. to be honest since i have never used a special nute just to make cuts easier and have no problem rooting cuts in the past. that nute selection is partly chosen because it's more complete overall imho.  K.I.S.S. also the cost and application rate was best with the vermiBloom they are the sister company to general hydroponics btw. cost matters to me big time and it needs to stay low or i can't grow.  

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