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Damn nice my friend 


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Good evening, my friends from Opengrow. Its day 49 and the weather conditions are far from ideal in this stage.

Relative humidity has been through the roof the last weeks. During the day, when the lights are off, I keep it at around 50% with a dehumidifier, but when I'm ventilating with the lights on, thats not of much use. This morning, right before the lights turned off, I went in and the RH was over 70%. And to make things worse, we're gonna have a heatwave next week (the last week), with temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius. Not sure what thats in Fahrenheit, but its HOT! :)

Last week the 2 plants in the front really started hanging. Especially the one on the left, so I used some rope to keep em up. Just my complete luck its the 2 plants in front, cause I wouldn't have been able to reach the two in the back.

I feel they totally should be ready next week at the 8 week mark, but I might just wait a little longer till harvest, if that means they wont have to dry in these extreme temps.










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Awesome bro! Hope you get through the humidity part. I have the opposite problem. Too dry. Your grow looks fabulous! Very healthy looking girls.  Best vibes!

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