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Bud Box Pro XL 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Silver or White

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This is just my opinion. I am growing in a pair of tents, one for veg, with a scabbed together second floor added. The other for flower. Both are the silver sides. I'm not complaining about the silver, but if I would have had a choice, white hands down for me. 

I got started building boxes from crates I would tear apart from industrial dumpster diving sorties.  Then being a hopeless cheap phuck, I would use the insides of potato chips or crisps, what our across the pond friends would call them, simple Mylar. Great shiny material...that would dull out very quickly as I would foliar feed or just give them a nice mid day shower. Then go ahead and try to wipe it down, go ahead, I can see it smear from here.

So with my trusty light meter, I started to try out different white paints, and low and behold, flat white latex, gave me the best readings on the light meter. I would have bet the farm, glossy white, but flat white, who knew?

Those seem to be very nice tents by the way, I did go look at the site.

best to ya!

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