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Medicated Strawberry Popsicle

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I keep finding uses for the infused honey. These are beautiful and taste straight up Strawberry :)

I hulled 2 quarts of strawberries and pureed them, I added only light sugar to take the tang off, and added in honey for the medication part. With strawberries at 99cents for two quarts, cost like 10 cents each lol not including the cannabis, I think these things sell for like a buck a piece or more in bulk at grocery store, cost me a whole 2 bucks lol. Well there is a touch of lemon juice in there as well.

If your recipe calls for puree, it takes twice as much strawberries to make puree. One cup of strawberries, makes 1/2 cup puree.

strawberry popsicles this one.jpg

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Now that sounds like a great treat! 

It's supposed to hit 104° here today... and that would be refreshing in a very beneficial way.

Gardenartus, have you ever given any thought to making your diabetic-friendly infused treats available on a professional level? I've encountered tons of different types of edibles/medibles and there's not a lot of choices when it comes to diabetic-friendly infused treats.... that taste good. 

I'm not a diabetic, however, I know quite a few diabetics that I will pass your recipes on to... they'll love 'em! 

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You can not believe the huge desire to do that. :) I would love to, tried to set myself up here. But after that raid, I got real close to staying legal, they are so harsh here, if I got busted, could not be a caregiver for others. That would break my heart :( I truly like helping people, if I could do it in masses, I would be in heaven.

I have a few things I put out that has no cannabis in them, as in topicals, one gent, have to get his pics, Amazing! He has psoriasis arthritis on his knuckles. It is almost all gone! He in his 50+ years ever used anything that worked, He was at the point of years of just accepting, In Steps Gardenartus, and his world changed! Gets me geeky. I would really love to do that, but law keeps me from it.

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