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LED question

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Specs for my new lights

- Power: 600W LED Actual power: 65W ± 5%
- Amperage: 2.49A@110V, 1.23A@220V
- LED output power: 60 pieces * 10W
- Dimensions: 31x21x6cm
- Exhaust air: 2 integrated fans
- Light mixture: 40pcs red (620-630nm). 4pcs deep red (655-665nm). 8pcs Blue (450-460nm) 4pcs Clear White (12000K-13000K). 4pcs yellow (580-585nm) (The light mix in the picture above is old.)
- Lifespan: over 50000 hours
- Detection range: 0.8 * 0.6M for vegetables, 0.6 * 0.5M for flower
- Viewing angle of the LED: 90/120 degrees mixed
- Working temperature: -20 to 50 ° C
- Certificate: CE, RoHS FCC PSE

So I have read 65 actual

Is good for 2x1

I got 2 lamps so  4x2?

Or did I over kill it.

I know effecincy is a factor

Just trying to learn if I did it correctly

My room is 2x4



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I have 2 300 in a 40inch x 40 inch tent works for me 

 Some people feel the more light the better 

the led company should have a chart to see the coverage 

Here’s what mine looks like side by side 



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I'm just learning, and info has changed with new stuff

I understand 30 watts approx for each square foot of led

As I understand this, it's draw

Watts not output correct?

I think led penetration is way better than T5.

Plan is to first make sure it's draw From wall watts we count

Then with what I have already

Im thinking one more 450 watt

Should do a 4x2 space nicely.

I'm not spending anymore after that on led, my led is for summer, I'm going to run 600

Watt HPS in winter too with the led.


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While you are learning about LED... put time into researching PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density).

In short the more light a traditional LED unit puts out, the higher the PPFD is within a particular grow space.   Especially with dimmable "Drivers" custom made LED units can put out more light than traditional production model LED units. 

If you are new to growing with LED, there is nothing wrong with starting out with a traditional production model LED unit... just do not stop there. I do not use my old 48 diode x 2watt LED unit any longer.  With my current understanding I would need to upgrade the drivers inside the traditional unit before using it again. 

Inside a 21in x 21in x 60in (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m) grow space. With 1.4A and 143v my flowering phase, custom made, LED light array puts out upto 1500ppfd.

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