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Making medibles taste better

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This is in the oven decarbing. The reason why my medibles do not have a heavy cannabis or veg taste, I use 90% bud, and 10% sweetleaf. I leave the sweetleaf to make oil with.

I do all slow and low, do not boil anything. I let my products rest over night before serving. I make ghee, honey, corn syrup, tinctures from this type material. I never introduce water into any of my products.

bud for medibles 002.JPG

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Toss in a couple of bananas and a handful of nuts. NAW boys will eat it.

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10 hours ago, SiCKNeSs said:

Nice tray full of buds! :P  What strain is it, or maybe a combo of several strains?

Greetings SiCKNeSs.

Mix of :) I usually wait a month or two of gathering up popcorn bud from all strains harvested, let it dry and freeze it, then when get a nice variety, decarb it up. I did strain specific and is not as good of medicine, so after that always make a blend of strains, except when doing Canna 4. :)

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