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Advice for Strain / tropical climate

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A friend of mine is living in Thailand (7N)

This year, the Thai law about Cannabis and Kratom will change, with a reclassify from cat2 to cat5 with will make thailand safer than France for smoking

They also approved growing medical for export in a few provinces.

My friend would like to grow a few small stealthed plants

-Must have low smell, because locals may need more time to realize law changed.

-Must be feminised, no herma to avoid accidental pollution. There is other growers in the area.

-Fast and small prefered

The only strain i know that fills criteria is the Northern Light #9 from Sagamartha. I think automatic strains would not perform great with 12/13hours of daylight but i may be wrong.

Do you know some other available strains that would match, especially for the low smell?


Best regards


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