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Need help with ducting...

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Homedepot: 10 in. x 25 ft. Insulated Flexible Duct R6 Silver Jacket

I used this in my attic, connecting a 8" mix-flow S&P inline fan with a 12" hood at the peak of my roof.  I mainly wanted the insulation to prevent condensation during the winter.  Very quiet.  I bought strips of black neoprene rubber from zoro.com to suspend my fan.  Works great.

Edit: but not absolutely quiet.  If you are moving air, there is going to be some noise.


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The only way I got mine to be very quiet was to place my extractor fan into a plenum and pack insulation around it.

Second pic with out the insulation from back side. This was in an attic area, and the pipes were located through a closet, that was between the attic and basement.

I also made a wood frame to hold the series of filters and carbon layers for smell. One of my early on creations probably around 02 or something like that. many of us were just to freaked out to buy equipment back then.

Plenums are at most bigger DYI shops, in the ducting section, just a flat box, with 5 sheet metal panels, maybe it was $40.00 or so.

It worked great until I could get a proper Can Filter, and Vortex fan, over the yard sale Tornado I used there.

best to ya.

plenium handmade.jpg

plenium inside shot.jpg

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