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Be Careful What You Wish For

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We are still awaiting the property, the renter is still moving out of.  Then we need to find out if we can run this there, so far so good the people who own the complex seem amicable to the idea. 

All of the questions I have on this have to do with what the state liquor board will let us get away with and not.  

Floor plan stuff mostly like how many fire exits what kind of signage and where, what has to be in the canopy space and not, does it need a bathroom if there are no employees, can we run a tent for a nursery inside a one room flower canopy, what point do lots become product with a 6 month shelf life, can lots of the same plant harvested at different times be combined, how and where can we store packaged product, how much of our operating cost do we have to keep in a safe on the site, what is the standard way of contacting a retailer and can I show em product samples,  what special insurance do I need, can I live in another storage unit in the same complex, stuff like that.

As far as scaling goes, this is about the same as a large house grow, only less clutter.  


I can do this in my sleep.

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