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Lil help with some lil yellow leaves

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I've recently switched over to some clackamas coot style soil, and some of my plants aren't in love with it.  After a few weeks in flower, the new young leaves start turning pale, and I can tell the buds are stuggling to do what they need to do.  Any suggestions on what this deficiency is and how I might overcome it?

Purple Storm, 3.5 weeks into 12/12.  Top leaf in the center of the pic just started showing the yellowing.



Strawberry Blues, 8 weeks into flower.  I think some Ouzbekistan pollen got loose when I collected some.  Getting a few seeds per oz on a few of my girls.  Looks like I got some Blues Ouz coming soon :). Yellowing looks worse in person, buds are rather pale to what I'm used to.


Things got better when I started using some comfrey tea and kelp/humic once a week...but not quite there yet.  Half of what I've been running does splendidly, the other half is missing something.

Any suggestions?


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Hi barreleye,

Sorry to hear.. I don't think I can help you, but do you have some liquid nutriecien?

PS: Love you genetics!

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I'm still a newb with the big O, but when I highlighted coots soil, and read a description, it is as close to what my mix is. Since I only have a harvest or 2 by now, I'll simply state what I do to correct my mix, with different strains I'm running.

My mix is ProMix coco coir/peat based, with pumice, coco coir husk chips, extra perlite, bio char, I use Down To Earth products, myself, and teas Buffalo Loam is really a great all around tea.

I try and add some slow release additives like feather meal, with some fast acting addiments like kelp, and some Acid mix, some oyster mix. If for flowering I add some bat guano and Langbeinite. 

I recently started using Mammoth BO's. in my flower area. 

In your first pic, that girl does need a touch of N,  the leaf tips help tell you if your plant is in the sweet spot or getting to hot for the roots. I don't know if you make and keep teas, but IMHO it is the best way (that I now know of)  is to use a tea ball strainer, filled with some earthworm castings, and something quick released N, attach a air stone, and over night, it's very quick booster.

When I was a bottle baby, I would have NEVER NEVER EVER added N into a flowering medium myself. But with organics, you can, without hurting burnability, and taste of the final product.

The second pic is showing you leaf tip burning, and there I would add some beneficial organisms, with some molasses, and let them (BO's)  help the root system as when they eat bad bacteria, their waste is a very balanced plant food. Then just molasses water feeding after that. Just my humble opinion man.

I also use Dinosaur Vomit, but that is on another avenue.

Best of luck man.

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