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Need advice on equipment

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I plan to use a 120x120cm area tent was thinking either 350 or 500 power fan a very low decibel one and going with cmh bulb 315w  just a single one to start then might upgrade for more only want like 4-6 plants tops. Also what site do you reccomend for a euro user for all high quality growing supplies such as tent, cmh bulb ballast and reflector im getting the fan off ebay was thinking the soler palau either 350 or 500 not sure which i need

Also how do you people who live in small apartments hide  the grow and such where do you put exhaust into wall?

I was planning on buying a apartment or small house eventually il have to wait til then but il get supplies in meanwhile was thinking. If you have any ideas on how to get even less sounds or something please go ahead its been a while for me

Best regards MrWombat keep on getting those icky sticky 

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