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Gorilla Mike

Test & Review Trimpro II

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First off, let me clarify what I left you guys with yesterday: “the ‘Vansterdam’ drug market”. Many members of this site are from around the world, outside of North America and may not be familiar with the name, “Vansterdam”. It’s the nick name given to the fine city of Vancouver Canada. I’ve been selling to dispensaries there for years—way before our country politicians promised to go legal in July 1, 2018. Now they’ve bumped up the date to October sometime. But for WAY over 20 years BC politicians realized the big money the illegal marijuana trade was pumping into the BC economy and decided to turn a “blind eye” on illegal dispensaries that had popped up all over the inner city of Vancouver. Even though the Feds (RCMP) were constantly trying to bust big growers like me whenever they could find us...or at least they claimed to for the media! That’s why I moved out there when I decided to go from Hobby to Large scale commercial grower: I’d be safe from police as long as I grew in secret in the middle of “nowhere” in the beautiful BC Rocky Mountains.

When you get BIG you got alotta Buds to trim, so when the first machine came out to automate the process called “Trimpro” it was a “God-send” to my new underground business. The man who designed and built the first line of Trimpro trimmers was a jet engine engineer and was a smoker in secret like most smokers back in the day (1960-2000). When his suppliers and him got talking they told him they wished there was an automated machine that could do away with expensive human hand-trimmers. He understood and went out and built one. It worked so well, his brother decided to market them and launched the biggest marijuana trimming machine company in the world...even though technically it was, by the nature of its function, an ILLEGAL machine! I first saw it advertised on High Times mag and snapped one up immediately. It worked so well we bought two more! Our dispensaries customers in Vancouver, “Vansterdam” didn’t see the difference that our Buds were not hand-trimmed and voila! It was a match made in Marijuana Heaven!

However: It needed tons of cleaning and maintenance, and was a pain in the ass that way, but we accepted that as par for the course of any machine.

It wasn’t until the new second generation automated trimming machines came onto the market that we bought them to see how they would compare. I’ve bought and used all the machines I’ll be reviewing in this forum and tomorrow I’ll spill the beans on the one key reason why I grew disenchanted with my Trimpro machines. I really didn’t know what I was looking for at the time except an auto-trimmer that didn’t need so much servicing and why the day I found Tom’s Tumble Trimmer was the day I found the real commercial grower’s heaven!

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