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Gorilla Mike

Untested Review: The Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer

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Here’s one trimmer I didn’t even buy: The Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer. It's definitely not for commercial growers of any large-scale size. Notice I didn't say "automated trimmer". This stupid thing is more trouble than its worth! I found it by accident surfing on the web and I wasn't even looking for trimmers. It's got no website, just an ad on Amazon and some stupid You Tube videos. I say, "stupid" because the person—I can't tell whether its a guy or a gal—keeps saying, "It's definitely worth it..." over and over again. Must have been stoned while shooting the video!


It's a sphere the size of cooking pot. The bottom half is green and the material its made of is unknown. It catches the trim which falls through a grill that looks like a small barbecue grill. The top half is clear plastic with a hand crank sticking out the top. The crank turns a wheel of metal arms attached to the crank with a small axle. Attached to the arms are these silicone strips. The demo Buds look wet and it doesn't say if its a wet or dry trimmer so you're left wondering and imagining it can trim both wet and dry. When you hand-crank it, the silicone strips gently tumble the Buds and the grill breaks off the trim which falls through the grill and collects at the bottom. A hand with painted finger nails hold up the end result which only looks as good as a rough hand-trim job.

By the time you take it apart to load a few ounces of Buds, crank it for an unknown time and then take it apart to get the half-assed trimmed Buds out and remove the trim I could have done it quicker just hand-trimming the Buds myself! The male voice keeps saying, "Its so worth it at only $170.00—better than paying a couple of hand-trimmers to touch all the tri's and resin off your Buds". The guy who thought this piece of junk up must be one lazy fucker to think he needs a hand-operated machine to replace two hand-trimmers to trim the Buds off a couple of plants he could have done him or herself by hand for free. Ridiculous shit!

It's not even worth my time comparing to my favourite all-time automated trimmer, "Tom's Tumble Trimmer" so I won't.

If you want a laugh, just type in the name, "The Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer" on Google and see it in "action"!



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