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Gorilla Mike

Test & Review: G-LEAF 16-Inch Bowl Leaf

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This is a copy of a copy of a BAD IDEA. So why did my girlfriend get me this as a birthday present? She thought it would be funny. The look on my face when I opened the box was funny. Saved for all time on her iPhone. I wish everything worked as well as our iPhones. I know one machine thing that works even better, but I'll save that for later.

I wanted to throw the thing across the room like a basketball but I'm not prone to violence. Especially on my birthday, so I set it up in my basement. My basement is my fun zone. Half is set up like a party area with 400sqft of couches, a bar, a little dance floor, a big screen TV and stereo system and the other 400sqft is my secret grow room where I test out new strains to see if I want to mass produce them on a large scale in my grow op. I was just ready to do a little trimming on my nice big fat Buds from my latest experimental strain, "Trainwreck". My experimental trim with my new G-LEAF 16-Inch Bowl Leaf trimmer turned out to be a trainwreck! The colas were so huge I couldn't even fit them in! This 16" little monstrosity failed for me right there. It's definitely designed for the newbie hobby grower who's the kind of lazy dude who thinks he needs a machine to do everything he could do by hand.

This "machine" is so dumbass stupid I wouldn't even call it a machine cause you gotta crank the thing by hand for 10 grueling minutes to trim a quarter of a pound of smaller sized Buds. I can hand-trim a quarterpounder of Buds in 10 minutes. Like all the other bowl trimmers, the solid blade turns under the barbecue grill base inside the bowl. The bottom half of the bowl and grill are quality stainless steel to catch the trim. The crank and all the other metal pieces are stainless steel too. The top half is a clear plastic dome that houses the hanging tumbling plastic strips that turn the Buds where the leaves are trimmed off as they stick through the grill. That being said, it actually did nice job of trimming but because it took longer to trim those Buds than by doing it by hand I wouldn't recommend it. And if, as a hobby newbie grower you did manage to produce some nice sticky Buds, the striped tri's and resin from the trimming process would build up on the inside of everything and your plastic dome wouldn't be clear no MO! I just trimmed one plant worth of Buds with it and the resin build-up was so bad, I cleaned it by scraping all the good stuff off just to make a tiny wad of hash and then threw the thing out! The machine, not the wad!

And the price? It was a present remember, so I can't tell you, but whatever it costs that'll be funny too!

If you're dumb enough to not believe what I've explained to you here and go out and buy one on eBay or Amazon, (cause they're too cheap to even have a website) you deserve what you get.

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