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Gorilla Mike

Test & Review: Tom’s Tumble Trimmer 2600

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What got me into the TTT2600 was grower friends of mine down in Southern California. I dropped down to visit from BC one summer to check out the surfing and the latest cutting-edge new gear the growing industry had to offer in some of LA’s top grow shops. These grow shops always had wild new stuff for sale way before it was advertised up in Canada. My friends told me about this new dry auto-mated trimming machine called, “Tom’s Tumble Trimmer” and invited me to check out theirs in action in the middle of one of their harvests.

When I went into their curing building were it was set up all I could hear was the satellite radio playing and people talking while they prepped the plants for trimming. I was surprised to see 3 TTT’s going at the same time because I didn’t hear them. Up close they sounded like 3 dryers drying laundry. They sure didn’t look like dryers though! Basically they were mesh drums on metal stands that were tumbling on metal stands that looked like office furniture. Through the mesh I could see the Buds. “That’s it?” I asked. My friend smiled and said, “These baby’s are so simple, they’re too good to be true, but they are!”

They only cost just under $3000 which is a fraction of what all the other commercial sized auto-mated trimmers cost.

After, all the grow shops I went to had a TTT on display. I bought a TTT2600 and took it home to Canada. It came in two boxes and I got it through Customs easy. After putting it together which only took me 10 minutes, I plugged it in and turned it on empty and watched, listened and learned. The first harvest of mine I put it to the test and it was amazing. That was 4 years ago. My TTT2600 worked so perfectly, we ended up buying 4 more over the years as our operation grew, and my first one is still running and looking like brand new. The most important thing was the trimming job. My Buds came out looking like they were trimmed by hand! Just last year we tested our Buds trimmed with Tom’s at an independent lab. We gave the lab untrimmed Buds so they could test and compare them to Buds from the same plant that had been trimmed with our Tom’s. The lab found that the trimmed Buds had 99% of their crystals, resins, THC (32%!) and terpenes content still on the Buds compared to the untrimmed Buds. The results were so amazing, that over the last year we tested all our other machines with the same lab and none of them came even close to Tom’s for not stripping off all the good stuff in the trimming process!

Here’s all details of what the TTT2600 does:


It’s a Dry trimmer and removes small leaves from flowers gently and efficiently while preserving structure and aromas. System trims, separates flowers and extracts pollen/kief with interchangeable Mesh Nets.


One drum load can process 3 - 6 pounds per 3-5 minute cycle which adds up to 24-36 pounds per hour!


Powder-coated steel frame with high-torque 150-watt DC motor with variable speed control, food grade aluminum drums and axle, two mesh nets for trimming and separating, 151 micron net for pollen/kief extraction, clear funnel flow bag and retractable dust cover for viewing of process.

The mesh nets are made out of Tom’s patented medical/food material and NOTHING sticks! The trim falls through the mesh and is collected at the bottom and all the sticky resins, trichomes and terpenes stay on the Buds where they belong. Buds are trimmed as they bump together by the tumbling action created by the rolling mesh drum walls so there’s no blades to worry about.


(Including frame, motor and dust cover): 34.2” x 43” x 60”.


  • Gentle

  • Super Quiet

  • Fast

  • Effective

  • Safe

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Easily Movable


The TTT2600 is ideal for growers like me. We’re processing 250-300 pounds or more a day with EACH of our Tom’s!


Minimal maintenance required. Mesh Nets are machine washable but we’ve never washed ours. The Pollen/kief screen can be washed by hand with alcohol but why bother? All we needed to do was lubricate the zippers after every harvest with beeswax or other organic lubricant. They recommend aerosol cooking oil spray but we prefer spraying all-natural hemp oil on the zippers.


All parts are covered by warranty for replacement for one year. There’s no guarantee because our Tom’s Tumble Trimmers have been working perfectly ever since we started using them—which is a lot, 4 times a year!


Some assembly required. Directions included. And like I said, the whole process only takes 10 minutes!


Ships in two unmarked boxes, total 106 pounds (129 lbs. Dim weight).

Optional Accessories (additional charges apply)

  • Liquid C02 Infusion Kit

  • Additional Mesh Nets

  • Additional funnel flow bags

  • Caster wheels


There’s no other Trimmer I think I’ll ever try now because our Tom’s Tumble Trimmer 2600 does it all. If you’re looking for the perfect trimming machine, I give Tom’s a 5 Star rating and highly recommend it because it does all the trimming work, so you won’t have to!

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