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A spot for your pet and animal pics.

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3 hours ago, Misterdirt said:

That husky looks ready for mischief.

Yeah, he’s a bit of a troublemaker.  He sets up the others to get blamed for his “fun”

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On 9/9/2021 at 9:02 PM, gardenartus said:

Sweet! What a nice place to relax in, lovely yard.

Yeah, that’s dreamy as fuck. I got the opportunity to chill in a much smaller version of that type setting. 
I recall how peaceful and wonderful it was. Watching the fish and tadpoles in the pond as we puffed …  

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My Soul Jah had to be killed because of complications of advanced FIV which was a total surprise btw. It’s contagious but she’s never been bitten by another cat in 8 yrs we have been here.

Sexual contact is a lower level to get it but that’s out cause she was spayed before she got here. so, it’s possible it occurred when the male cat tried to put it in but didn’t succeed. But info says 5 yrs life expectancy after contraction …  I guess I’ll never know and frankly it doesn’t matter now she’s gone in form ! 

Soul Jah was an awesome being and not just a mere cat ! To smart to say unless you saw her demonstrate for you.

Compassionate with other female cats that were being accosted by an unwelcome tom cat.

Twice she ran to the rescue and drove these big males at least twice her size away ! I never saw a cat do that for another cat before. Too bad it couldn’t be filmed actually. She stood up like a Mir Cat and assessed the situation and boom she sprang into action and trotted off to intervene. that’s just a small part of how Her name Soul Jah suited her ! 

She loved her dogs too, she knew Sassy and Elisabeth both and her partner in crime die the last 6 yrs was sweetie pie who loved her soul Jah MOs def ! 

Soul Jah is/was loved and she did a lot of loving herself frfr ! Missed in form but not in spirit ! 

from Jackie = My Condolences to you and Sweetie Pie. Soul Jah was the sweetest Pur Baby I've ever known. 

From Coffeee = My condolences to you and sweetie pie. You know that was the only cat that had got up on my chest and just wanted me to show some love and I'm allergic to cats but he didn't bother me my eyes did not mess up I'm so so sorrry, I know how it is to loose a pet.

from Donna = I'm so sorry flowers RIP

Soul Jah. 















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On 9/17/2021 at 9:49 PM, gardenartus said:

So sorry, I lost my Mittens last year. I still can't talk about it.

I know, I told my nephew I wasn’t ready or didn’t want to talk. Won’t change shit  it the unexpected nature of it all caught me off guard after I felt it was ok to be optimistic. Instead it was the ultimate opposite smdh 

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The Russian Blue (my wife's cat) passed on last year at 16.  The tabby female is the newest kitten.

3 female cats

1 male chihuahua








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On 9/24/2021 at 1:14 PM, gardenartus said:

Can I steal your dog lol so darn cute, cuddlebugs

My neighbors just got one larger cutie and another tiny baby cutie plus they added a kitten too. So they have 6 = sharpei, yorkie, make unfixed grrr allowed to roam grr, kitten and the two chihuahuas. 

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Let’s see if I can find pictures of 
Baby Gurl = neighborhood cat that chose me as her human smdh. She’s the one who looks like she’s not missing meals lol. She left left the house moments ago. 

she had back to back litters before she was even grown herself.  Two sisters from 1st litter are in my house and need to be spayed before release or adoption.. mom is in the house currently now too. 

ghost aka ghosty ghost is the blue one and Serval aka formerly slippery is the Mackerel type Tabby.  They love each other tons and their stalking antics and ripping around is cool imho. Not too nerve racking lol. 

if u see a black cat, he’s Panthro = ass hole never who should never own any animal particularly cats. Once I was ready to kick his ass cause he kicked his cat that is dead now. He hadn’t seen the cat and only asked about him two weeks after he was missing.  He’s a piece of shit hustler. Liar/slickster … 

some IG pictures sphinxes and Bulldog 

chupey = short for chupacsbra seriously cool little guy and as unique as his looks are I still think he’s cute and adorable. 
my other buddy with issues is Mortimer aka Morty = my main little dude. He has a condition that cause him to twirl around as you see in his awesome videos. 
he’s worth following on IG as when u see his post it’s an instant heart pick me up 

white German Shepherd is Zeus cousins dog. I met him on Juneteenth 

didn’t see photo of Panthro = beautiful and if he walks into a shadow you can’t see him as he invisible 














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How many animals do you actually have SPW? I am down to one cat, I don't want to bring another in might upset her too much. I am not sure if I want to invest my heart in another animal, this is a tough decision for me I have not come to terms with yet. I find that irritating as hell when folks let their cats mate like that, ignorant IMO.

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Technically I own sweetie pie the American Bulldog bitch and the rest are just neighborhood mother & 2 daughter cats I’m looking out for.

i have to get my money up to buy another dog and a $300 security deposit too for it. 
need a scooter too so sell some collector knives and some flower to try to make that happen. 

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