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Gorilla Mike

Review: The Original Resinator

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I saved this trimmer machine review for last and wanted to post it on Friday the 13th to show how “unlucky” this jumbo colossal joke has wasted more growers’ time than any other trimming machine on the market. But I couldn’t wait, so its Monday the 13th and I had to warn you all big growers not to waste YOUR time on this disaster waiting to happen. I didn’t buy one to test it because is a direct “Frankenstein” auto-trimming machine and an obvious rip-off of Tom’s Tumble Trimmer. It came out 2 years after Tom’s and at its heart, is a duplication of Tom’s mesh tumble trimming system. I know guys who bought into it and I wish they would post here, but they told me it does work and does do everything it claims to do but they still regret buying it! Why? Because of what makes it a Frankenstein version of Tom’s with all the extra add-on time-wasting gimmicks. Its main claim to “fame” is that can trim wet or dry buds using a Co2 freeze and not only trims Buds but separates and collects the resin. But with all the extra time and work you have to take to do it...it’s just NOT worth it because Tom’s does the same thing without all the time-wasting gimmicks. Hell, Tom’s even has an optional CO2 kit too, but its for ultra-sophisticated resin-focused collection to make extracts. If you want it, you got it, because Tom’s is designed to keep 99% of the resin on your Buds and trim where it belongs but if you want to go to the extra steps to take all of the resin off your Buds to make concentrates you can. And you can do it faster and easier with a Tom’s Co2 kit then having to pay the big price tag on the “Original Resinator”! The only thing “Original” about the Original Resinator is its name! So again, don’t waste your time on this rip-off contraption because it costs almost 3 times as much as a Tom’s even though it does the same things in twice the time!


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