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Hi opengrowers

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Hi all

im a/was guerilla grower at 51N europe did it for  years around highways and in cornfields i used mostly danish /canadian strains , hp2 danishgold , scottish, guerilla gold #2 and guerilla gold #3 i stopped for 2 years but want to start next year outdoors again i already started preparing :D for next year and future i want to spiceup my outdoor quality i want to go with amnesiaxgg , mobxgg and herijuanaxqq and my old danishgold 

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Welcome aboard Tami! You'll have fun here, just looking at the pictures, ha.

Here's some motivation to get you started. It's my Rhino Blood (Green Manalishi f2 x Lemon Fantasy). It's been a long time since I was able to grow like this.IMG_8828.thumb.jpg.a1c707d729d5899d3b5cb1fa60d4f880.jpg





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Welcome to OpenGrow tami.


Living at 51N I can see how the need for fast flowering sativas would come in handy,  but why not try a couple of 50/50 hybrids or some indi-dom strains? The GG crosses you mentioned should finish in plenty of time outdoors. 

Check out Sannie's, he's got strains in the shop that will finish in time and give you enough great tasting smoke to last you a while.


Danish Gold (Guerilla Gold x Danish Passion)  and Guerilla Gold ( Early Gold x (Afghanistan x Mighty Mite)) along with all other Guerilla Gold crosses have autoflowering dominant tendencies from the Mighty Mite in its genetics. Mighty Mite is (Himalayan indica x Ruderalis). These strains do well in, and are made for, finishing in higher latitudes. 


Enjoy the community. 

Desert grown

Nice plants Mr. Goodfellow! 

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