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Guerilla gold crosses

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Hi Opengrowers


I have a question who is still breeding with guerilla gold and who made crosses that gave good results outdoors?

want to keep some info together on the guerilla gold strain like what crosses , when the started to flower out side , when finished, did the cross add rot resistance?, did it shorten the flowering days, did it finish earlier than the original?

what about other crosses?

what about the different guerilla gold #1, #2,#3 and the #5?

i never grown the guerilla gold #1 how is it on its own and how will it be in a cross compared to the mor used gg2 or gg3?

i still have some highrise gg2 f7 and gg3 seeds and looking for some amnesia x gg seeds to buy and other potent x gg crosses for next year 

on guerilla i never had a phone or camera with me but i will document+pic my grow op next year 


Lets keep this Guerilla gold lineage alive





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Polygonum (OG member has a thread somewhere about them. He was doing an extensive project with G Gold. I think that's the one. He's been working a couple of years on it but haven't seen him around lately. Might try a PM. He's in Canada and growing them outside so he should have exactly what you need.



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ow, he had great rep before them already too ;) LBH is around for ages and a

beacon of very nice outdoor stuff and autos that have very nice satty phenos.


scandinavian oudoor-growers have also used the GG#'s a lot in many private matings.

broski club is still up there when it comes to these kind of genetics. in case i go and

grow outdoors someday i will have a blast skipping through all these 'golden' gems.

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