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Nothing spectacular, just an announcement about how we`d wish our members to behave on Opengrow

Topics about tips, tricks, short instructions to help a new member out will be added soon. By adding some general rules the moderators can concentrate on moderating without loosing time on moderating inappropriate topics. Some regulation also adds to the quality of Opengrow in general.


We have a firm policy towards seeds & cuttings.

Asking for cuttings or seeds(free or commercial) is NOT allowed.

You`re not allowed to mention the person you obtained your seeds or cuttings from either.

You can harm the generous person who provided you the illegal crop.

Using the PM system for this purpose is neither allowed.


Main issues:


  • You`re not allowed to join this forum when under the age of 18.
  • Spamming is not allowed
  • The use of discriminating, hurting, explicitly obscene, defamatory, hateful, threatening or explicit sexually orientated language is not allowed.
  • You`re not allowed to offer or ask for illegal merchandise. Illegal merchandise involves the offering, sell or purchase of plants or parts of the plant including, but not limited to, cuttings.
  • Remain "On topic". For an answer on your specific question you`d better open your own topic.
  • Don`t post irrelevant messages, just to keep the topic "on top of the list".
  • Don`t bump topics
  • Don`t use fuzzy language when opening a new topic. Explain briefly the problem you encountered.
  • Please refrain from using MSN language like w8, l33t in your topics and responses. A well prepared message is more inductive to quick and accurate responses.
  • Keep the forum a friendly place so mods can be mods, no stoner on this planet likes to play cop, keep that in mind.
  • To keep the forum fast and legible, we don`t allow pictures in signatures and closely monitor the use of quotes.
  • It`s useful to place a few links to your running projects in your sigs & highly recommended.
  • Try to limit the size of your avatar. 50kb max size, 90x90 dimension.

Keep it green !



Op en aanmerkingen, alswel als verbeteringen aan bovenstaande tekst zijn meer dan welkom,

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Crystal clear Suffie63, nice! :verrygood


Please refrain from using MSN language like w8, l33t in your topics and responses


Thank you!


Ancient Spewey who just found out the meaning of L33t.

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