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Cheeseberry ( mindlesses interpertation)

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In this twilight it looks so creamy, delicious!!! I hope u enjoy it :)

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Thanks, it's delicious hehe.

Good work, I love everything about this plant.


This plant is strong, it's very understanding.

It's got bush tendencies but can grow to be quite big if memory serves me ,from years ago.

It's a quick and easy cloner

And it never complains.

It's yeild is very good.

Done correctly, I can see big big yeilds. 

Mine has not cured yet but it's taste is wild.

It's name is quite fitting, and it leaves a cheeseberry like after taste that lingers.

The high is excellent.

Soaring, no paranoid shit.

You can do shit, or just sit there and smile at the clouds.


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2 hours ago, gardenartus said:

I don't normally like much leaf, but that is a pretty nice looking nug there.

Hey you got cats Toker? lol

I never did the final trim.

But watching YouTube I started on some a few days ago.

This has not been done yet.

Hell I figure the clippings will just go in the bowl hehe.

Oh I got it now garden....

No, mine passed after 19 years in2016.

But dog hair....bingo

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