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Genotype, phenotype,chemotype..OH my

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First off respect to breeders

The best  have got to be botinists. 

Just guessing.

In a short bit I have learned , 

It's going to take lots of reading to half ass understand this.

What I have come away with so far is that  if I buy WW

Like I did and breed them I will 

Have a genotype.

A family.

Within that family will be siblings.

Each sibling will express pheno types.

These pheno types can be different due to many factors.

All I got right now, freaked me out when they stated talking back crossing etc.

So what I want to do and what I will due is dependent on what 

The deal is .

I want to breed WW.

If I do, will I need to keep parents to back cross children to them, or will seeds of parents be sufficient to grow

WW very similar to parents

Would it be easier for me to just keep a few clones around?

Or buy  seed lol.

I'm not into getting way deep into this.

Willing to breed but dayum....

What do I do after first seeds are ready.

As I said if this is leading down a technical rabbit hole I just buy em.

Willing to take a few steps if it's not getting  to deep.


Clones can express different phenotype yet are genetically

Identical due to many factors

Dirt, hydro, temps etc.

Blew my mind right there.


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Yes, it is a rabbit hole, and with no escape... it will ruin you.

You are on the right track. Research, research, research. I am not a breeder, just a newb trying to learn and get as much experience as possible with this amazing plant.  But like anything in life you get out what you put into it. Making crosses is easy, breeding is work and time consuming. 

By all means go for it. Get your WW seeds and plant them all. Take clones, sex and separate males.  I think the easiest way is identify which male you want to use and collect the pollen. Then after you have grown out the females and tested them for the desired traits you can pollenate the chosen female clone. You may end up with hundreds or thousands of seeds. (I ended up with over 1500 seeds from pollinating one cola on my Sannie's Jack with Silverfields, Kinky Blaze x Silverfields produced around 600 on one cola).

I went to F2.  I grew 20 KBxSF and had 3 visually identifiable phenos 13 females. Smell was less distinct, about 3 phenos. The high, produced even more variations. I chose the male because he stunk up my entire house like cat piss. Collected pollen and spread a little on a few buds on the females that had good structure and smell. I did not take clones like I should have. My favorite plant to smoke of the 13 females didn't get any pollen. I'll have to start over to find her again.

if nothing else, do for the experience and seeds. 



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Hi guys 

if you can keep clones of all females ( but who has the space 

I just do it for the fun of it now not enough room to play but I sure got a good deal of seeds to play with 

if the wife wouldn’t leave me  I would just get one or two more tents then watch the fun I could have boy I am going to miss her lol 

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If there is not enough space for keep all the clones (like I have) save pollen and enough seeds from each generation to work on.

I would not starting to make some rocketsience breeding, if you know what you want and know the cross you like (grow each generation 3-5 times) then you should reach your target fast.

My opinion is that the plant told me latestly in the f1 which are their advantages and what I like to keep, like smell, growstructure, yield, feeding and so on. If my setup never change its a good way to compare the generations, not the proway but: my wife told me my weed is to strong now :D

But you could also reveg your desired females and males which are your favorites. Made 1-2 cuttings from them and lets doing their things :)

keep growing og fellows


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Yeah, space. That is what holds us back. Well money too. But having a spot big enough to keep a clone of everything we grow would be amazing. Guess it's time to get a warehouse.    Or micro propagation, one small room and pull cuttings early on. Then every plant you grow will be saved. And no, I am not talking about genetic mutations, just keeping the plants tissue alive until it's needed . I guess Plant Tissue Culture is the better phrase.

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@Toker It all starts with numbering/labeling your sprouts after you sow them so you can tell the difference at any given fase.
When these are ready to go flowering and done vegging you take numbered clones from each individual plant,best to take 2 or 3 of each plant.
This way you can flower the moms and dads.
The daddy's you select early on with the best traits YOU like,always use all senses to select a male and take a picture of him.
Then toss all of em because you have the clones still,just keep the selected clones from the best male and toss out the rest of the dudes you don't need.

Then you can just select the best females out by letting them bud out,Photograph and taste them on the numbers you gave em and write the best down.

Now you have the best numbers selected in your first run,as live clones.
These will pair up to your wishes,best to do so 1 on 1 in a seperate small tent.

The seeds need to dry after harvest for a month,then drop them in the fridge on 5 degrees C in an airtight baggy with dry rice.
For a week or two to get em ready,and for storage ofcourse.

Sow them when ready,no need to number this time as you visually know the different pheno's now by picture/smell/shape/growth/texture and so on.
Then you pair up the F2 with the same two phenotypes yet again,and so forth until the testresults are uniform in outcome.

Might take a few generations but then you will have your own made gem.
Surely worth the fuss if you ask me.;)

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