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Jack47 Auto smoke report

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Jack47 Auto smoke report

First time I've tried this strain. Grown from seed and cut only 9 weeks later. Around a couple ounces per plant. So easy to grow.

Appearance: Fat and dense buds, all of them. Super sticky coating, white, so chunky, really tight flowers, lots of gum. Looks like some seriously potent outdoor ganja. Has a little color, like reds and yellow on dark green and white.

Smell: Slightly floral, sweet with a hint of ginger spice. Breaking up a bud releases a scent of soft fruit, apples and eucalyptus. Strange, sweet and inviting. This bud doesn't stink or anything.

Taste: A little sweet, kind of a slightly menthol Northern Lights. There's a prominent flavour of soap or bubblegum. Its very smooth and palatable. There's some spice on the exhale, tasty, not overwhelming and sweet. Its noticeably nice to smoke and easy on the lungs.

Effects: Instantly perks me up with energy. Gives me more positive perspective, a few drags is like having morning coffee without the shakes, just impossible to sleep on this one, a real energy boost and its so clear. I admit a whole joint dumbs me down a bit but enhances my creativity and overall mood and it lasts for hours. Excellent daytime smoke, great for people like me who procrastinate a lot. After a joint I can't help but get up and do something, its like I don't have a choice. A lot more potent than I expected and with no body to it.

Overall: Very potent Sativa, no body stone, so clear, much better than anticipated. The effect is so very different from anything I've tried, its just so pure and clean and positive. I will grow this again soon.


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Nice report!  Please share which breeder created this autoflower, and what the trich color was when harvested.  Much appreciated!

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Nice. I did a Sweet Seeds Auto Jack 47 outside a while back too.

Was probably the best of that run, eight different strains.

Yield and high both very nice, considering conditions...

meaning, was terribly wet for the last 5 weeks of flowering, mist, rain, fog, clouds.

Was grown near the coast, sub-tropical, mountainside jungle...

She got a little bit of bud rot up top, but so did almost all the other plants. (Far too wet!)











Would definitely grow again.

There's now a Sweet Seeds Auto Jack 47 XL version just out....

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