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New to bubble hash

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On 1/14/2020 at 3:30 PM, Zanzibar said:

I've been looking around at these mini washers... I like the one's with the 220 micron bag ou put into them, and I guess I'd have to modify the accordion hose to one that doesn't clog so much,,, but does anyone have a good suggestion to a good sturdy washer, possibly with a link?

Thank you.

I bought one a few years ago and have been happy with it. You''ll need a laundry bag also, you put the weed into it and then in the washer so no issues with clogging a hose.

Here's a link to the newer version of the one I have. There are many to choose from out there so look around a little.

And , here is a link to the type of bag you will need.  https://www.amazon.com/RoomyRoc-Laundry-Delicates-Organize-Clothing/

Good luck.

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On 2/5/2019 at 10:12 AM, JetDro said:

I make so much of it I bought a "bubble now" machine.....................basically a cheap small apt washing machine.  Best part about it is its BAG. Bud goes in the bag, bag is correct micron size, gets get hauls, never green. I run 6-7 minutes, only 2 runs per bag. I keep the 90,73,and 25 . If your getting green, your using too much force in the agitation.


Right here with you. Jetdro. The lighter the agitation the better. I usually keep my 120 bag as well being a mostly outdoor guy and can get some pretty large heads. I tend to collect a nice large chunk in there that depending on cultivar is still melt. 

It I get cultivars that will throw melty 120 mic I remove the 90, and 73 bag and collect them all in a 45 and add the 25 for those little guys (25 takes way to long to work even with the bounce tech when I mix mic). If you can get cultivars throwing big melty heads mixed mic is the way to go. 



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