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Planning First Outdoor Grow

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Hey guys and gals

So my country recently legalized for personal use, which now means that I can safely do my first outdoor grow in the beautiful African sun. I'm hoping to get some advice on my grow plan.

The seeds : Sannie's Fem Mix, which is

2x Madberry 

2x Shackzilla

2x Herijuana

Then I'm probably only going to pop 3 to keep it manageable for my first time. 

The pots :

Freedom pots (local version of Smart pots) pic below


Starter - 5L

Veg - 10L

Flower - 20L

I'll also be getting some small jiffy pots to start in before transplanting to the 5L

The soil : Freedom Farms Premium Organic Potting Mix. This a local farm that provides organic soil mix, I don't have access to brands like Foxfarm, Happy Frog etc. I decided on this as they have a CBD farm and this is sold by my local hydro store, so can't be too bad. 



Here's the ingredients, I was wondering if OG would suggest adding anything to this or making my own mix? 

Contains Coco, Perlite, Vermiculite, Worm Castings, Compost, Bone Meal, Volcanic Rock-dust, and Gypsum.

The grow spot : my courtyard, unfortunately I can't grow in the garden just yet, there's only a fence and some beautiful ladies would be stolen very quickly. The courtyard is out of sight and protected by alarm. It gets about 8 to 9 hours direct sunlight and is protected by heavy winds. It has an awning that I can move the plants under in case of heavy storms.

The timeline : after some research it seems I will be able to veg for about 5 months (although I'm a month late now) then flower for another 5 months with a 2 month break in winter. I got this info from https://en.seedfinder.eu/research/climate/zones/. My zone is Subtropic, megatherm and semi-arid climates (continental). Based on that info, I'm planning to plant as soon as my seeds arrive and then they should flower in January and finish around March. 


So that's my plan at the moment, unless OG has any advice for this first time outdoor grower. 


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Looks like a good plan. I'll be watching. :popcorn:

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Our state have already allowed the citizens to grow upto 6 plants in the garden and for personal use. i am trying with my first, but plant is very delicate. I grow this much indoor conditions and periodically taking it outside for brighter sunshine. Now thinking about placing it outside as the weather is perfect for plantation. 

marijuana plant.jpg

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