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Harvest either today or tomorrow - last minute help.

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Its really up to you. I typically trim all the fan leaves. Then cut and hang all the branches. Finish trimming after its dry.

Some cut and hang the whole plant, dry and trim

Some do a full trim and some cut and trim every bud before drying. 

It's all personal preference. The more trimming you do now, the faster it dries. Keep in mind heat and humidity in your dry room. You want 7-10 days in 75 degrees and 50 RH for it to dry. 

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This an older harvest maybe 2005 or so. Gifted the beans, I called Bluezars, I cut a branch from the main stalk, give it a quick, deleaf trim, getting rid of most fans and some sugar leaf, and I keep those separate, sugar leaf goes to cookies, and fans get composted.

I hang the trimed branch, on some poultry netting, or wire, or string pulled tight to dry, for 4-5 days works in my area, in springtime or if we have a wet fall I will run a fan in that room, but I do not blow wind on the buds myself but prefer the air currents to be just moving around a bit.

Then after I feel a crispy outside, but squishy inside of the bud, ( roughly 4-5 days) I then snip the buds and clean them up a bit, again saving all that sugar leaf trimmings for butter making. Once snipped, then into mason jars, for the glass nap for 3 weeks minimum for myself, but the more you cure them the more all the delicious oils and what not mingle, giving you that stunning cannabis taste!! 

What you see was about 30 hours of trimming....and you do not see it all, just half the room.

Just my way, of course many ways exist.

4 10 05 h end room.jpg

4 25 05 c hang line.jpg

4 25 05 f stems in bucket.jpg

4 25 05 m tub final 1464.2.jpg

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