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No Till Raised Bed Methodology

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So I want to quit using pots because I can't do all the lifting to transplant.

I've watched a few vids but not sure exactly what I need to do.

I will build some sort of beds with steel mesh bottoms to sit on the ground in my greenhouse.

Then fill them up and add worms. I plan on skipping Winter grow and make these boxes.

I would then fill them and add worms and let them get working so they would be ready for next Summer.


So I only have a general outline of what to do, appreciate help from someone who's used this method etc.

I have last seasons dirt and I would buy some new stuff to add to it.

Ocean Forest?


Any help appreciated!




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If your pots are big enough, couldnt you go no till and then without switching to a raised bed not have to pick them up?...  I think one guy here uses 20 gallon rubbermaid totes. Myself I am experimenting with using 7 gallon air pots in place, just amending the soil.  Bout to start my second run in it. 

? maybe i do not understand your problem?


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I like the looks of the raised beds, guess I have to do a lot more reading.

Like in this link taken from the next thread here:


They use crimson clover to grow off season to enhance the soil. Going to try that.


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Tacman, good vid, thanks. He sure makes it sound pretty simple. Doing it the way nature intended but with a little kick start. 

I have an uncle that's in his mid 80's and uses concrete manhole sleeves for his raised veggie garden. They are 4' tall and 4' in diameter. He owns an engineering company and were left over from a job site. Think he has 6 or 8. They are pretty expensive, so not an option for most of us, but thought it was an amazing idea when I first saw them. Having the soil level at 4 feet high makes for extremely easy gardening for him and his wife. No bending at all, he can pull his side by side right up next to them and use the back as a little work station. He has his drip lines run up from the bottom and works perfect. Anyways, just thought this could spark a few ideas for you. Not sure on your budget, but a fairly inexpensive option is to use sand/earth bags and stack them like bricks to form your beds. This would allow you to get creative with the design. 

Good luck bro, hope it turns out great for you. 


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Yeah, I think it will work out. I'm going to use old dirt with amendments and grow clover on it this Winter. Along with add earth worms.

I think I should still be able to use General Organics nutrients maybe, at a reduced level maybe. Have to see how that goes.

I've had really good luck with them, no ph' ing with it either.



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