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Hello opengrow

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Hi guys and gals, hightide here,  loving life, blasting some tunes :punk:and blazing some herb! Hope you're all lucky enough to be doing the same.  My first successful grow was back in '98, and after years of guerrilla growing and tip toeing, my state has gone legal and nowadays I just rock a smaller, legal-ish grow.  Currently vegging some Des 'Tar and a single Tripoli wicked x Clementine,  also have some old strawberry blockhead x Aruba I just threw into soil, and I got a feeling I should be getting some herijuana and some black afghani seeds soon too :smoke a big believer in organics and I've been recycling my soil for a few years now.  I look forward to sharing with, and learning from, all  you fine folks! Cheers :j

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Welcome to Open Grow Hightide

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