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Toker Autoflowers

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esko is also a LED hater, which i don't agree with ... much has happened indeed.

we agree there 100%, bro.


and of course there are great developments in auto-genetics :)

there are many lines that are absolutely worth to grow and enjoy.

(and some of those lines are also just clever marketing, heehee.)


i do have a few friends creating and posting over at autoflower-network and they are legit.

but the energycost of autos will always stay an issue for me. this did not change yet, sadly.

(a complete grow with photo-periods in a 12/12fs-run does cost less then the same time

for autos.)


but automatics DO have their place ... i think for outdoors they are quite attractive for sure.

and that's for many growers that DO have a lot of experience. that's the beauty of cannabis,

there is a niche for every need and desire :)


i hope your autos perform to the max and your satisfaction, toker. you deserve good smoke, bro.

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I'm putting these photos except sans fever in here.

The fever will be in the UACB 


But ya the photos in here came with the autos

And hell if I know where to show them.

I damn near forgot to write their germ days down, so I post a lot of shit in here as my visual library .

I'm still sweating 3 autos, untill they bust that she'll off I won't relax.


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In case anyone's interested

A partial part of the strain description of auto orange bud.

" Dutch Passion Seeds AUTO Orange BudPrice Match Guarantee (T&C Conditions Apply)In StockFROM: $15.82          Quantity:
Feminized Cannabis SeedsPick 'n' Mix$15.8203 seeds$46.0707 seeds$86.39    
AUTOMATIC ORANGE BUD Marijuana Seeds - Dutch Passion Seeds Seed Bank
This is a breeding project which has taken over three years using genetics from Dutch Passion’s original Orange Bud photoperiod variety. The result was an automatic variety which is as good as the original photoperiod Orange Bud in potency, quality and aroma/taste. Auto Orange Bud grows to a medium height, reaching around 1 metre tall with large central cola surrounded by several smaller side branches. '

As I said there seems to be a lot of meter plus tall autos.

I have even seen 1.5 meters.

I think my WWxxl can reach

150 plus cm.

Also, looking at sannies new shop

I saw this


"Mephisto genetics autoflower seeds, quality over quantity"

In case anyone's wondering they scored the strongest auroflowers

For 2018

Over 25 percnt



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Final germ rates are in.

Very pleased

2 WWxxl out of 2 (dinafem)

1 for 1 on  Blackberry Kush(Dutch Passions)

1 for 1gs13 labs fem Blue OG

1for1 dinafem Criticle Plus.

All 4 of sans fever as well.

100 percent.

There is room for 2 more 5 gallon pots, when lsd and Moby dick arrive hopefully they will germ well and take their spot.

Day 31 for glue and cookies

The cookies begin strech

Hopefully they will stop at 72cm or more.



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