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Demonstrating Defoliation

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This topic is an outgrowth of my ongoing grow journal.  I recently defoliated a plant shortly before flowering it, and so far, the results are impressive.  I am getting all kinds of new growth at all of the budding sites. That was all it took.  The bug had bitten me.

Last night I was visited by a spirit.  The spirit that unites people and cannabis in pleasure.  The spirit told me to share my enthusiasm.  

Or maybe it was a fever i caught from the bug that had bitten me.

In either case, the purpose of this topic is for people to share and discuss defoliation.

My particular (latest) passion is defoliating during veg in order to promote bigger yields.  Some people call this method schwazzing.  So dubbed by one of the originators.  Or original promoters.  I tried it after reading reports on the technique.

I had to try the technique after reading about it.   And now that i am seeing the results, I want to share some insights i have gained.  Before trying this plant training technique i had been playing with just about everything.  Low stress training.  FIMing.  Topping.  Growing plants horizontally.  Super-cropping.  Manifolding.  Along the way i had the chance to really study how cannabis grows.  I have acquired a certain intuition about the plant.  Defoliating during veg does work when done right.  Doing it right requires that you understand the purpose of the leaves.  When to leave them on.  And when to take them off.  When done right, the results speak for themselves.  (My first experiment is flowering now.)  Here i will share insights on why to do it, and when.

Plant training is an artistic outlet for me.  In a previous life i must have practiced bonsai.  Or, perhaps in a previous life my leaves were green. 



Dec. 11, 2018:  

Software Bug:  There is no way to respond to this topic.  I hope that gets fixed soon.  I don't want to relocate this topic.   I would like to see the bug fixed instead.



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i did not change anything, but i can post ...

hopefully others can too (now?)


@sannie as admin must have to look into this, if not.


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@gardenartus  suggested that i should move the topic to a different forum.  I kept waiting for the issue with the forum to be fixed, instead.  It got fixed when someone else moved it.  Ha.  Sorry to make someone else do the work.  But, I am thankful someone else did it.

Pictures soon.

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The picture in the first post is of a Wonder Woman plant after it had been defoliated, a few days before initiating flowering.  Here is the same plant now.  Today is day 57 of flowering.  I would like to let it finish for another ten days or so.

 Every plant is an experiment.  I may have over-defoliated.  This plant required lots of defoliation during the first three weeks of flowering because of how fast the plant was producing leaves.  Flowers from the bottom four branches each formed stems that became secondary branches.  These branches produced a jungle canopy that completely hid the flowers.  I stripped away all of the leaves from most branches.  The buds are kind of on the small side.  Oh well.





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