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Please Help! My Shackzilla is dying...

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10 hours ago, GreenRussian said:

Hamme Hydro

How? what would i need to look for?

This is how my Shackzilla's looked a few weeks ago:


I was about to pull the plug on this grow, that's why i turned out the lights already. About twenty-four hours later when i went in there to clear them out i saw this:


The pictures were taken about two weeks ago. Now, when i have the lights about 60 cm from the canopy, they are starting to look a bit unhappy again. It feels wrong to hang a 600 watt lamp higher than 60 cm from the plants, but perhaps Shackzilla's are very sensitive to heat. I don't know if this applies to you too, but 24 hours of darkness is worth the try right?

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I'm no expert, but when I use silica, that is not a always looked upon as a needed item, in the plant health world, there is a lot information showing it does help with leaf turgor.

Since I'm supposing, lights on, leaf gives up it's water, that can also happen with to much wind on your girls, that can cause folks to over water, or add more addaments.

Silica will help the root system also, and MAYBE your reused soil is needing some. If I missed you use it, sorry.

Wish you the best.

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Hamme Hydro

Thank you for the effort, I will try it out tomorrow!


thank you the article is soo interesting I read it like 5 time already) No I haven't used any silica, I ordered some silica power from BAC right now.

will use it next week, on the bottle it says to use 1-4ml  per liter, should I use the max dosage?

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To me this looks like classic light burn at it lowest expression. Spraying and light intensity causes a very similar effect. If it's nutrients it's happening in the "canopy" which is an immobile situation. Using soil over and over is fine if you understand what you are doing.

I hope you can figure it out. Shackzilla is a great smoke!

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[1-4 ml  per liter, should I use the max dosage?]

Not sure.

I'm not one to run anything except my lights at full bore myself. My 1k's I've only been able to get them 9 3/4 inches from leaf, before bleaching them.

As I'm teaching myself to use organic fertilizers, I mix them in 1/3 strength batches. This may change, as it's in a state of flux right now. 

I'm using lava rock in my pots with  the idea that silica will break down enough with adding any....but I may be full of fertilizer.

Best to ya!!

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On 12/21/2018 at 4:05 PM, GreenRussian said:

Hello guys,


I am an organic soil grower. I am reusing my soil and since my last 2 grows I am having this problem with my shackzillas. The last grow the leaves got crispy and nearly died, I got fluffy buds.

And this grows it is happening again. I am giving them zinc and magnesium, because I think it is a zinc and magnesium deficiency.  I flushed them all 2 weeks ago with PHed water 6.5 and I am checking the PH every second day and the PH is on point, you even don't need to check with Sannies method.

And I also have sour kushes (from usc), that are standing in the same pot size , same soil, same water, same PH, same food - they are getting everything the same as the Shackzillas and they look perfectly fine.

But now I have my doubts about zinc and magnesium, because the sour kushes look amazing (see pictures!) and they are getting the same .

This problem is coming from the top of the leaves (the bottom is perfectly fine) and slowly spreading to the middle, but most of the damage is on top.

So I'm kinda lost.. what to do...

I am now at day 15 -12/12

last grow they looked really bad from week 4 got crispy and kinda died 

nutriets: Sannies bacto, Sannies tablets, Biobizz, soil: Plagron bat mix, and I am spraying them twice a week with sea-90 minerals and trace elements.





















You reused dirt...

I got nothing

But I can say I did same thing 

And all sorts of problems.

I don't reuse dirt anymore.

My pH was very acid.

But you went down the same rabbit hole I did.

Now I'm not that good so it turned out to be bad.

I thought it was this so I did that


Hopefully your better than I am.

Good luck though.

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