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Little test

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I also am on a very tight budget right now, so I was thinking and I'm sure jm not the first to think of this but also in my spare time I like to make my own spirits, back in the hills by my place( hence the nickname  bootlegger), and  I was thinking that if the yeast I use devours the oxygen and greatly  increases c02 production.  So I mixed a batches up and let it start fermenting violently and set it in the tent. Well, needless to say my experiment seems to be working. I never had anything  grow that fast up to now week 3. Just saying! Thought I'd throw that out there for people needing a boost but cant afford 500 dollar co2 system. 

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Hey Bootlegger25, one of my early ventures into world of clandestine adventures, was to help out on ol Pappy Jacksons still when I was 12.

U'mm da memories of CO2 homestyle production devices.

This is my first grow box, around 2001 or 2, I cycled it a couple of times, then added the 5 gallon, camping water storage bag,or bladder,  that could hang, or simply placed on top of my crappy scabbed together grow box.

It's a simple yeast/sugar/water mixture, with and airstone hanging down inside of it, to wee aquarium pump outside of the bladder.

As the CO2 is generated, I added a length of tubing 3/8th's maybe, from the pour spout, and the small handle to control how much water came out. That became a crude way allow the CO2 out while still building some pressure WITHOUT the bladder splitting and vomiting it's contents.

I ran it a while, until I could pony up the cash for a tank and proper controller.

Where as it did work, you reach a plateau, and your not really injecting CO2 properly.

Properly would be to shut off all exhaust fans, drive up temps, initiate CO2 to about 1500 PPM's for about 15 minutes, exhaust and recycle during lights on.

Lights off, no stomata open and no place for CO2 to do it's thing.

Well that is my rudimentary understanding of it.

box, unfinished  tub.jpg

Co2 generator.JPG

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