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Hi OG 

just a note or two on the scrog method 

• I prefer to top or fim early  , 4 th or 5 th node  (this gives you the ability to plan the growth pattern ) let them grow in to the screen as apposed to letting it grow over and bend down 

• remove all growth below the net (at stages as not to stress them out )

• give the bottom good air flow 

• if it blocks light remove it 

• bend , tie down, super crop, top as needed but remember not too much to quickly or at once less stress the better 

• I stop toping 1 week before the flip 

• net hight 8 to 10 inches tall 

• try to grow strains that have similar qualities like slow growth or bushy , fast growth 

• net should be tight not loose 

In the pics 

shiva dawg @santero #1 has a thick stem and was bent from above the screen 

shiva dawg #2 was topped at the 4 node and grew up into the screen ( for me it’s just easier) 

sugar punch @sannie #1 was also bent from above and #2 topped als at the 4 node 

plant #1 is 1week older then #2 


Shiva dawg#1



Sugar punch#2



Sugar punch #1



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Great info Paps. Plants are looking great, I’m watching this.:grinning_respect:

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Putting the net in early and scrogging is the right move since the octos are so tall. I will warn you that after about day 5 of bloom they’re gonna go crazy and you won’t be able to tuck em fast enough. 

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