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The Root Rot Cure Thread

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Sigh, just one more thing I can no longer say I never had.

My Chucky's Bride mom is dying, but by gawd, I'm not going down without a fight.   She was doing great, growing, healthy, when almost overnight leafs curled, growth stopped, and the roots turned to mush.  I had used what I always use, Fox Farms, Great White, PPM about 7-800, good ph, sterilized with bleach between grows, boiled my hydroton, never had any issues.

So, here's what I've tried over the past month.  She's still alive, but barely, she recovers briefly, new white roots, then goes right back to brown slime.   #1 Reservoir change, Great White, Hydrogard, 1/4 nutes, nice new roots, then back to brown.  #2  Same as previous, add Hygrozyme, BIG mistake!!!!   This crap turned my reservoir into beer wort, with huge chunks of nasty, yeasty, funk, that didn't really smell, but didn't help my roots either, nice white for a few days, then break down again.  3#  Trim all nasty roots off, Soak root lid with Mom and roots in 3% H2o2 solution and water for an hour then rinse well with tap water, then disassembled and  sterilized system with bleach, re-assemble with only Hydrogard, Great White, and Foxfarm Grow Big Hydro nutes to about 500ppm, which is where I am now.  Plant is in total shock (well don't ya'll think she deserved it after all I've done for her?!!!  Don't make me hit yoooooouuuuu!!!!!)  Roots are all droopy, but no new rot today.  

She may be lost, but I gave it the old college try, never seen anything like it, could it be spider mites using scuba?   Gonna just let her sit, it's up to God and the universe now.

I'd enjoy hearing what you guys have done.  I've been very careful not to infect anything else, washing hands, etc, she's just in an unconnected 5 gal DWC.      

"But I love her, man!!!!"

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Damn sorry to read of the rot man, I felt that shit myself.

When I had my juice junky addiction, from what I remember, it's solution temperatures and stagnation of solution, that equal root rot.

From around 65 F to 72F  solution temp is golden. At 74F, springtails start forming, if solution is sitting still with no movement, the biofilm will start to go from good to bad, or oxygen eating.

Then it cascades, rot covers the biofilm, and it dies, the roots get covered in slime the bad kind, and soften the root tissue, so now the springtails and other aquatic life forms eat the roots, their excrement, and the ethylene gas from root detris decomposition, feeds the entire system downfall.

Well that is my understanding of the events to build root rot.

A uv sterilizer for an aquarium and small submersible or powerhead for currents may help slow down root rot man. Best to ya.

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Thanks, Web, good advice all.  My temps are about 68F, and it's boiling in there, I use high end commercial grade air pumps and micro air stones  to super oxygenate. 

I was ready to trash her yesterday, when low and behold, some new pearly white roots are popping up.  She really looks rode hard and put away wet, no pun intended.  i smoked some of her last night, and thought, dang, I've got to save her! 

 Cleaned everything again this morning, added nothing but Hydrogard, Fox Farm Grow Big Hydro, at about 600ppm (my tap is about 400).   So we'll see what happens!  


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