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Re-introducing myself!

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Hello everyone—

It’s been a few years and living situations, but I’m back and growing again (in my very own place, so no worries about landlords!)  I’m grateful as ever for the knowledge that has been dropped here over the years, and hoping to contribute more actively now that I’ve got a stable setup.  In particular, I’m planning on doing a n00b grow journal of Eskobar’s Jalisco IBL, since I can’t find a single one on the entire interwebs, and I’ve been on kind of a landrace kick lately.  

I’ve also been on a seedmaking kick—after all the years of fearing male plants and avoiding any trace of pollen, I’ve swung the other way around and begun chucking pollen gratuitously—mostly just reproducing packs of worked lines, so far.  Why isn’t every hobby grower making their own seeds?!  (Don’t worry, Sannie, et al., my bank account can attest to the fact that I haven’t stopped picking up your gear.) What I still don’t know about best practices could fill volumes, but I’m looking forward to continuing this journey.

Here’s a picture of my not-nearly-finished seed run of RSC’s Highland Thai at 14 weeks of 12/12 (hoping to get a little smoke out of it as well!), and another of the Jalisco busily sprouting:


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Thanks everybody—glad to be back!

@Misterdirt—am I correct that you grew out Esko’s Jalisco IBL at some point? You seem to be the only one on this forum (or dang near anywhere else online) who talked about it much. I’ve got some beans in the dirt and will start a grow log soon; I’d definitely be interested to hear anything you have to say about how to keep it healthy and happy in a tent over the next few months.

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