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1x Purple Bud - Sannie's way - 4x 50w DIY Cree CXB3590 @ 3500K

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Hi all, long time no see!

After my first grow (Sugar Punch, also Sannie's way and with the COBs, see https://www.opengrow.com/topic/51179-1x-sugar-punch-sannies-way-200-watt-diy-cree-cob-mainlining/ ) I succesfully raised a Shackzilla as well (and boy, that thing got me a lot of bud :D ), then decided to take a little break. However, seeing as I still love Mary Jane and the previous grows were all much better than whatever I can get in the coffeeshops around here I decided to get busy again. Well, that and the fact that I just love to grow dope.

Since I burned up all my Sannie seeds (will be reordering some though, I still haven't properly raised a Killing Fields...) I decided to take full advantage of a Black Friday sale at Sensi Seeds (apparently we are doing that shit here in the Nerherlands as well now) and got myself some nice genetics, with the Silver Haze as the star of the show. However, as I am currently all out of bud and want a shorter flowering time I decided to start off with Purple Bud! Hopefully I will finally grow some purple goodness.

Not much to see as of yet, but the seed has sprouted and has been planted, I will keep you posted! Not completely sure if I will mainline due to the longer veg time, but it worked great last time around so we'll see. If I do I will let her veg longer than the first time as I had ample of space left for more buds.

Setup is the same as before, with some extra added perlite:


1x White Label Purple Bud Feminized

25L of Plagron Light Perlite mix

1x Sannie's bio starter package (tabs, funghi, etc. - see Sannie's site for details)

4x Cree CXB3590 3500K 36V, running at 50 watt per COB, cooled with Arctic Pro 11 CPU coolers and powered by a Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B driver.

Standard fans and filter.

This is all crammed into a Secret Jardin DS60.

Let's hope we can do even better this time! Thanks for reading and stay tuned...

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