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Restock / upcoming

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8 minutes ago, 4lv1nn said:

Double Zamal seems to be in stock on sannieshop

says out of stock for me :/


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Col'jam ans black afghani are on the road ... This week into the shop ....

Double jam, CG72 and others will be made in 2020, i think in "limited edition" ....


One guy email me to ask if i want bought a "Double jam" reproduction .... I don't know who is he ... AND i don't work like that ...

When i work with someone (like ACBD) i tell it ......

So the guy is telling me that if i don't buy his seeds stock, he will sell them to another "seed bank" .

I'll make myself this reproduction, i don't buy "bulk seeds" ... I prefer to have a lot of "out of stock" than doing whatever .....


OFFICIAl Reseller:

Sannie (NL) , Alchimia (SP), Regseeds (UK)


I'm sorry for that, but i must tell it, thanks for your comprehension 



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Hi @Dogtowns


Cg in Regseeds shop have 2/3 years 

I'll make it before summer 2020

Hum, i don't like to speak about work in progress, but swiss project is about alps Weeds like fraise and others ....... 

I have really A LOT of work and alone ... here ... it's difficult but i'll do it !


We will open the store in few days, @4lv1nn is in the starting-blocks

You will find out strains ans more there, it'll be more easy for me to organised that (limited edition, last édition, freebies, goodies .....)

 Thx for your support all 




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Hi @UgotFunk?

I'll send col'jam and black afghani to sannie this week ... I was not at home last days ... 

I don't know if Ouzbékistan and triple Pakistan are out of stock i'll see that and send some too

And our website will open soon ;)



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