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silver surfer

DJS Newberry

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It has been a long time for me without grow journal on Opengrow. I decided to share my DJ Short Newberry grow. Opengrow is a great forum and i miss it.

It started 5 weeks ago, with 5 seeds, because i had not enough room at this time. So the plan is to start 5 seeds, wait 2 weeks and start the 6 others. After that i keep everything, cuttings are taken from all the plants, pollen is keeped in the fridge. After that i make an open pollinisation, and other selective pollinisations.

I will also cross Newberry males with Z7 high CBD (JGL cut) and my old 2003 Shantibaba's Critical Mass.

Unfortunately i had only one female, she is a bit special because she had the first "true leaves" with 5 fingers.



NB all 5.jpg

NB nice2 16j.jpg

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I vegged them for 3 weeks, they are in 4L pots (1 gallon). I switched to 11/13 after 3 weeks and topped them at the 6th node.

So on the 5 first seeds i had 4 males for one female (the #2).

Here is the #1, the biggest male


1898217576_NB1C.jpg.a419eac09bf0e6e84416c85fb581edcb.jpgNow the 4 males #1, #3,#4, #5


As soon as they were sexed i removed all the big fan leaves and they go to continue flower in an very small 40x40cm tent, with 80W bloom LED.

Here they are at 2 weeks of flowering, they have no feeding, only water. The #1 is on the back left.



Here are the 6 seeds from the second batch, they are almost at 20 days of veg now, they all look good and healthy:



Many plants are showing some variegations. They all have purple stems. They all want to grow big stems and branches.

Here is the only female from the first batch, now at almost 2 weeks in flower:



I would like to cross the newberry with the Z7 CBD JGL 2011 cut, i feel it very well. An d after that i will back cross once with Z7. It is a beautiful highly resinous small plant, very fast (7 weeks), CBD:THC 2:1 or may be more.


I reveged her, she is will be ready to be gang banged with the NewBerry males in about 2-3 weeks.




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Hay Silva 

great show all plants look healthy 

good color ! Nice bud shots 


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Hi Saxo! :)

How are you!? Good to be here!


Hi Papalag,

Thank you bro :tu


I am very excited with this grow. And i just ordered some blueberry Quintessa from Sannie.

I will pollinate my old Critical Mass (bag seed from Shantibaba 1998, and the plant is from 2003) with the newberry.



I will flower one cutting of Hawaian spice CHIMERA (Kauai electric x Sweet skunk), it is a great pheno with nice taste and nice high. She takes 11/12 weeks under bloom LEDs. I don't think i will have 6 females on the second batch of 6 newberries, so plan B is Hawaian spice, unfortunately it is a feminised, but may be i will try a few seeds, may be she is a true female XX and she will breed.






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Hey Silver, nice to read you again. :verrygood Everything looking good.

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thank you for the support guys! good to be here again! :tu

the tent today: citra paradiso Chimera at +10 weeks on the back left, front left critical mass, middle in 6L pot hawaian spice, and 2x Z7 + a critical mass one bud waiting for pollen.




The newberry female #2 at 3 weeks of 12/12, today i pollinized one branch with the #5 male. Tomorrow i will neutralize male #5 pollen and pollinize another branch with male #1. what surprised me is that this female have no scent on the stems, no odour, but she is already putting out some trichomes, and they have an earthy/flowery smell. The males that are flowering in the small tent, some have strong odor on the stems, especially the #5, it is a red fruit odor. Another one has the same smell but with musk. But this female does not smell when you put your finger on her stems. It does not mean that she will smell nothing on the finishing buds.

What i can expect is differents smells on the differents genotypes/phenotypes, and it is great. They show some variations, and it is great, many special thing to find.



Critical mass vegging and at the harvest







Hawaian x Sweet skunk



The 6 new-newberries, 2 are females, one stretchy sativa girl and one big girl, the biggest plant



The stretchy girl, the only newberry that does not make big branches




On the left a small indica purpleinzing genotype, and on the left the stretchy sat female before LST.



On the left a cutting of the #2 female and on the right the Cheeseberry E$kobar seedling, definitely on the cheese side




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Thank you guys for your support! 

Big update today, things are coming easier now, it has been a lot of work, small tent but hard work!

I end up with 6 females on a 11 beans pack :punk:, it is perfect for me, it is what i expected. I hope hermaphrodism devil will stay away from my girls! fingers crossed!

Here is the tent today, 11 plants, 6 Newberries, some have one week of 12/12, some have 1 day of 12/12, and one, the #2, the only female of the firts 5 seeds batch has 4 weeks of 12/12. She is seeded with male #1 (big sativa) and male #5 (early indica). The other plants are 1 Hawaian spice Chimera cutting, 2 critical Mass 2003 (one big and one small), 2 Z7 CBD "JGL" cuttings, i will pollinate the criticals and the Z7 with newberry pollen.



The #2 newberry female, seeded


I took one cutting of this one, it is a small mother plant now. This phenotype is very fruity, lemony, and highly sensitive to nutes, she needs absolutely nothing but love, light and water!


Here is the Z7 CBD "JGL" cut, 2/1 CBD /THC, great female for Newberry male. It si Shanitbaba's afghan skunk CBD selection.



Critical Mass 2003 cut from Belgium, very healthy and stable plant, fast, resists to mold, yields a lot, a true hash plant, a dream for pollinator afficionados. Will be pollinated with newberry males.



Hawaian spice Chimera cutting frome female seed Kauai electric x steeve's sweet skunk , 12 weeks pheno under leds.



Newberry male #8, a beast



the newberry females:

the #7, aka pink lady, gorgeous indica lady, sexed today!



newberry #11

very nice indica too, bigger and more vigourous than the #7



Newberry #9, the biggest female, with variegations but not very variegated, 8/11 plants are showing variegations



Newberry #10, very variegated leaves



Newberrry #6, sativaish, huge leaves, i had to LST her to get side branches





PS: i have a very nice E$kobar cheeseberry, but unfortunately it is a male.



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6 hours ago, silver surfer said:



PS: i have a very nice E$kobar cheeseberry, but unfortunately it is a male.



Hey! I have an Esko cheeseberry female...

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update at around 4 weeks, they all doing fine. Those are finicky ladies, they are sensitive to nutes and light, i have to keep PPFD under 600 micromoles for some phenos, only the sativa pheno can handle 700 micromoles.

The tent 5 days ago:



Newberry#2 at 7 weeks, finicky lady, she don't need anything but water and 500/600 micromoles. At 650 micromoles she showed apical chlorosis!



The #6 sativa pheno, looks great!



The #7 stretch indica, smells very sweet, something like strawberry candy, very sensitive to light too



Newberry #9, smell so great! tangy, lemons,  low stretch pheno




Newberry #10, strechy pheno



Newberry #11, I/S 50/50, smells red fruits, sweet berries, looks promising, low stretcher



Z7 CBD, seeded with newberry



Chimera's Hawaian Spice



Critical Mass, seeded with Newberry




So far, everything is fine, except this apical chlorosis. The newberries are budding very fast now, i can see they are fast flowering. IMAO even the sativa pheno won't take longer than 10 weeks to be fully ripe. Wait and see...

Greetz :wave:

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Awesome tread! Thank you for sharing! :verrygood



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Wow bro, your doing great. That Hawaiian Spice is going to have crazy colas when it’s done filling in. Great job.

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That hawaiian also got my attention :dribble:

wish i had her in my garden 

cheers :verrygood

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i am sorry for the late update.

Here they are at the harvest:

#7 indica stretch indica blueberry genotype, she is drying, very promising plant!





#2 keeper, musky/sour pheno, i smoked her 3 days ago, it is pure bomb. The high is amazing, on the Flo side, very pleasant, daytime smoke, 100% good vibes feeling, blissful. The taste is very interesting too, very complex, floral/musky/sour/licorice. Awesome plant. The #9 is very close, may be better.


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The 4 other females:




#11, sweet berry/red fruit marmelade with a bit of musk scent, purple, medium stretch, promising!



#9, smells as good as the #2, very probably a keeper, close to #2 with better smell, better vigour, very low stretch as the #2, awesome, can't wait to smoke her. Harvested today.



#10 pheno, ashy, stretchy, nice plant, but i did not keep her, may be i was wrong...



#6, very sativa, tropical berries scent, rock hard buds, x4 or x5 stretch, very promising for the sativa side of the newberry, good to breed with the #1 male to develop the sativa side



Greetz :)

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Congrats on the nice looking harvest. :verrygood

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mmmmm,i almost can taste em :dribble: Great job,Silver...enjoy!!!  oh,and send me some samples of #11 :wub:

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Thank for stopping by Beachbud and Saxo!


mmmmm,i almost can taste em :dribble: Great job,Silver...enjoy!!!  oh,and send me some samples of #11 :wub:

I don't know yet if the #11 is the best phenotype. She is drying. She is on the blueberry side, and smell promising. We will see... I have a few seeds of her with #8 newberry male.

The #2 is my first keeper, she is awesome, on the blue heaven / flo side. Awesome taste and awesome high, and it is better and better everyday with curing. I can't stop opening the jar and smell her. I have F2 seeds from her, from sativa #1 male and blueberry dominant #5 male.

The #6 sativa pheno smells awesome, very fruity, berry, the #11 is more musky.


I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week.

Z7 is a CBD dominant (9/4 CBD/THC) very very resinous, selected by JGL, from Z Project Shantibaba / CBD Crew. It is a 6 years clone and one of my favorite smoke and breeding genepool.

I have crossed her with 4 different Newberry males. The idea was to create a sweet confortable high weed with good taste and a lot of resin. The newberry has a very very confortable high, as the Z7, and they both have uncommon terpenes, so it should give something great!










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[I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week.]

I just read this thread to get some back ground, as I just got a pack , and want to do well for them....and myself of course. Thank you for sharing them.

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