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Weed for Warriors Exchange Grow #1: Sexing

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27 February Update: One month since Germination

Temp: 75.4F
RH: 55%
PH: 6.17
PPM: 509
Lamp: 1000w IPower digital at 75% power and HPS lamp.
Medium: Coco/Perlite

Gave them all their GH Flora Series feeding today at 1 month since they popped. All systems go.

I noticed that some of the lower foliage wasn't getting enough light, so I did the only things I could think to do: Turned up the power to 75% and ditched the tray I had them in so I could give them more space to breath and grow. I have been rotating them around and turning them periodically, so I'll keep doing that too. I continue to look for them to show sex and may have bogey dope on some bandits in the midst, but will give them some time to know for sure. I am anxious to get some ladies into Autopots so I can start cloning soon!.

I resolved my low-RH problem by running two room humidifier's non-stop and actually saw 55% today! It's been around 30-35%, so I'm happy with that and think it has something to do with changing the upstairs thermostat and a rise in outside temperature cause it really shot up.

I had been measuring PH and PPM in my bucket after mixing in the nutes. This time I read the runoff from one of them to get a PH of 6.17 and PPM of 509- which is a bit low according to the schedule GH put's out, but I am creating a custom schedule so I could probably give it a boost of something next feed?



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Can’t really comment as I don’t believe your  running there full line up of flora series?I give them the full meal deal right out of the gate  less the flowering additives , been running there full line 14 jugs not counting there flush (it’s a pain when your short 2-3 plants and need to re mix another 5 gal ) and they seem to like a total 700 to 800 ppm with 6.2 water I don’t bother checking run off unless trouble shows ,flower jumps to 9-950 heavy hand 1000 for a couple three weeks . That’s sort of my starting point and it jumps  around depending strain and how the plants react from there ! 

Are you planning a feed then water or feed feed then water schedule? 

Im using 0 ppm RO but my tap is around 330 so adjust accordingly, buddy of mine will take them to 1700-1800 with good results using a shit load of nutes but he’s feed / water where I’m feeding twice then a good o ppm water ! 

Watch for lock out which the higher feedings tend to create 

Ive found a tea spoon per gal of Epson salt week 2 of flower added to the mix will help with yellowing leaves that seem to always haunt me on the switch ! 

Also your plants are looking great ,they say less is more and I agree but I have a tendency to push them to the end of week 6 then cut back eliminating GH flush which is a over night dam they’re yellow already WTF? 



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@shiskaberry savior thanks for the comments. I am only using the Basic Flora Series (7 products). I am feeding once per week with watering's between. I am on a well here and my PPM out of the tap is about 20 after running through house filter. I will definitely try the Epsom salt, but I don't plan to flower these. Just going to select a mother from each to take clones from. I will be planting those outside... But, now that my new Agromax large tent has arrived, I may just finish a couple out in there. Can use the practice anyway!



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Liking my new setup...

Have some local hemp growers going to come by soon to look at our farm and give me a hand to get me started growing Hemp. Couldn't be much happier at the prospect of this as my retirement!




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