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Summer Coming! When to Start?

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I've had problems starting too early on Summer grow before.

Last year got my clones on May 15th might be starting earlier.

I want to do a natural sunlight grow but hard to get plants lined up with the season.

We run regular led lights to keep them out of flower.

Trying to find the right start time for SoCal.

Does that change from year to year?



I'm building 6 raised beds for my 24 plants (legal limit).

I have two done now, good to get out and work in the garden after all the rain we had.

So I've been putting my vegetable scraps in last years dirt to make compost. That's what I'm going to put in the beds, then plant red clover on top.

When the clover gets 3-4 inches tall going put hay on top and crush it down. That's supposed to provide nitrogen for the new clones.

 First year trying no till, no transplant growing. Not going to do regular course of nutrients like I used to do.

This is supposed to be healthy dirt with live worms.

I still might add a little General Organics to it...


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